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Keep Your Dog Busy When the Kids Go Back to School with a Pet Cube

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Naturally, dogs love getting attention. While kids are home for the summer break or the holidays, they give the dogs a little extra attention. Once schools resume, dogs have a rather hard time adjusting; hence they need to be provided with items that will keep them busy.

There are numerous ways of keeping pets home alone occupied to replace the kids. There have been several ways that people tend to use, but this has been effective over the years. Technology is being used everywhere and is sufficient since access is not limited.

Petcube is a wifi home camera used for pets by pet owners. This is a relatively efficient way to keep your dog busy having kids back to school to give it the attention it was used. The camera allows the pet owner to watch, talk and play with their pet no matter the distance. We enjoy the one that is a little more expensive because it dispenses treats. The only with the camera only will work too.

Monitoring other electronics with phones has become dominant. You can access the Petcube camera using the Petcube app allowing other pet owners to interact with their pets. Dogs will be active and not feel the absence of the kids or the owner.

Other than the Petcube camera, there are different ways of keeping your dog occupied. Puzzle toys are also helpful; they keep the dog engaged by challenging their brains for a reward. The puzzles also keep the dog entertained.

With kids back to school, the dog’s days can get relatively quiet since he was used to a bustling and noisy household. Turning on television or radio can be of help. In circumstances when you are not around all day, you can set either to play on as it cuts off as needed. They might not like it all day, but a little noise can go a long way.

Another way of getting your dog through the quiet days is by hiring a dog walker. They can give your dog a good treatment like pet waste removal. This is a way of keeping the dog comfortable in its habitat. Pets home alone can make the environment messy hence a dog walker is essential.

Apart from the regular daily walks with your dog, you can take the dog on extra walks with children back to school. It will help the dog burn some of its excess energy keeping him well behaved and entertained. Adventures can also be a way to keep the dog occupied. Just the short drives or walks to or from school can be of significant impact to the dog.

 No pet can survive without feeding. Feeding your dog should be strategic with kids back to school. Before any prolonged period, he will spend alone feed your dog. After the activities and the feeding, the dog will probably take a nap when left alone.

Despite the love you have for your dog, it is not all the time you will be able to be there or have someone. Encourage your dog to be more independent by practicing down-stays. When you are in the same room, you be at different corners and gradually increase the period you allow him to stay. Over time this will make the dog independent. Want to train the dog to stay clean whenever you are not around? Make it a habit to keep the dog in a clean environment, and this will teach the dog to keep clean too. We also recommend proper pet waste removal so that your pets have a clean and fresh bathroom area. 

Just as there is a baby daycare for kids, there is also a dog daycare. It might be a great option, especially when you are not at home all day. In the daycare, the dog is kept active mainly together with other dogs. The chances of sleeping are thin; hence by evening, the dog will be so tired and will probably sleep up to the following day.

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