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Enjoy the benefits of a clean yard today by using the dog waste removal services of Got Poop AZ. With our regular service, you’ll be able to relax and move about your yard freely without having to worry what’s underfoot. We’ll come to your property on a weekly basis to clean up after your dogs, with reasonable rates that are based on the number of dogs you have.

In the course of our weekly visits to your yard, we will get an opportunity to know your pets. Because of this, we may spot something noticeably different about them or their habits, and if we do we will notify you immediately!

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Maricopa Dog Poop Service

Maricopa Dog Poop Service

Maricopa Dog Poop Service | Got Poop AZ
In Maricopa, AZ – Got Poop AZ is the #1 dog poop clean up service for all your #2 problems!
Located just 35 short miles south of central Phoenix, Maricopa Arizona is an exceptionally diverse oasis in the desert. From the Maricopa Historical Society: “Maricopa has a rich culture of community that goes back thousands of years. Native Americans farmed and traded in the area long before Europeans arrived and made it a stop on a route along the Gila River. Stage routes and train stops made a point of trade and Transportation in the 1800s. Agriculture advance in the area as water was pumped from the abundant aquifer. Today, Maricopa is a growing community of families and friends, still rich in historical value.”

Maricopa, Arizona... Bringing History to Life