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The owner of GotPoopAZ has more than 25 years experience in working with animals and was searching for a way to generate residual income when he came up with the idea for GotPoopAZ.

After just a couple of weeks the business took off, and we now have more than 60 customers that rely on our pet waste removal service.

All our employees undergo a critical background check to ensure the safety of your property and your pets.

GotPoopAZ’s reliable and affordable pooper scooper services are just what you need to eliminate the hassle of pet waste clean up and take control of your lawn.

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Hi, my name is Matt and I’m the owner of Got Poop AZ, thanks for your interest!
I look forward to personally answering any questions you may have about our pooper scooper service.
Use this contact form or call me right now at (877) 749-7667!