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5 Pet Trends That Aren’t Worth the Hype

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Over this past year, people have bought more and more things online (despite the worthiness of the item or the price). As long as they can stay up to date with trends, it’s worth it. But, not all trends are worth following along with. This is a round-up of the pet trends that just aren’t making the cut in 2021.

 1. Dog Yoga

Yes, seriously. People have started doing yoga with their animals, and honestly, it’s wearing thin. Goat yoga is fine; the goats jump on people’s backs, etc. This version where the animal just enjoys the fact that the human is doing something odd is excellent, but this is not that. No, this trend is dogs literally doing yoga poses. Let fido stare at you with a cute slight head tilt; do not make him go into pigeon pose alongside you. This is one of the pet trends that definitely needs to go.

 2. Using Fake Grass for the Dog to Poop On

Yes, walking the dog can be exhausting. Yes, when it’s raining, the last thing you want to do is trail after your pet with little baggies or bad pooper scoopers. But, taking care of your pup means making sure you give them the exercise that they need. Take your dog for a walk and let them poop on natural grass. The hike allows for bonding time between you and your pet, and it can also help both of you digest your food better. Instead of relying on lousy pooper scoopers, or flimsy bags, call a pet waste removal company, like Got Poop AZ. Let them deal with the headaches while you enjoy spending time with your furry friend.

 3. Just Going to Whatever Park is Closest

Ok, hear us out! We love and support the local dog parks, but make sure you’re going to the ones that meet your dog’s needs. Well-maintained parks mean safer conditions for your four-legged family members. Like us, parks that employ a pet waste removal company are going the extra mile to keep pets from being exposed to illnesses other pets may have that could affect your fur babies. This also means no scraping up little presents with bad pooper scoopers; just enjoying the company of your park friends with your canine pal. So, branch out! Try various parks around you and see what all there is out there. You might find a cute spot near work, the kids’ school, or near that little coffee shop you’ve meant to try. Find out what you’re missing and make things better with a new location.

 4. Letting Pet Spots Kill Your Yard

 Ok, this might not be one of the common pet trends so much as it is a problem that hasn’t been fixed for most people. But, with the help of a pet waste removal company, bad pooper scoopers will be a thing of the past. There are way too many concerns that go along with just being alive in the world today; take some stress off of yourself. Enjoy your lawn without being afraid to walk barefoot. If you’re lucky enough to have a property, use it to the best of your abilities! Just give Got Poop AZ a call, and the problem is solved. That’s one thing finally off your checklist.

 5. Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

 There’s a rising trend of people stressing about being the perfect pet owner. If this past year has shown anything, it’s that everyone has troubles. Pet ownership is one of the most rewarding things you can do; you take care of a beautiful, beautiful creature that showers you in unconditional love. See yourself the way your dog does: perfect and worthy of love. So, stop feeling bad if you don’t make all of your dog’s food from scratch, they will definitely still love you. 

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