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Tips to Keep Keep Your Pet Safe in the Arizona Summer Heat

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There’s no doubt about it – you are crazy about your dog, and you will do everything humanly possible to keep your dog safe. Not only do you hire reputable dog poop clean-up services to prevent your dog from engaging in coprophagia (the consumption of feces) and your yard free of pet waste. You may also be worried about keeping your pet safe in the summer heat. After all, Arizona summers are no joke; the heat can burn your pet’s feet and severely dehydrate them. Sadly pets even perish due to excessive Arizona summer heat. Therefore, it makes sense that you do everything you possibly can to keep pets safe in the heat. In this article, we will discuss some proven strategies to keep your dog safe this summer. Let’s get started.

Keep your dog safe this summer.

  1. Never, ever, ever, ever leave your dog in a parked car. Not even for 60 seconds. Temperatures inside a vehicle can rise to 103 or more in only a few minutes. If dogs get let in hot cars, they can die or experience irreversible organ damage. Additionally, you should monitor humidity as well. Although Arizona doesn’t get as humid as other places, you still have to remember that excessive moisture can negatively impact your dog. Because dogs pant to pull moisture from their lungs which also pulls heat from their bodies, if the humidity is incredibly high, they cannot cool themselves, and their temperature rises very fast.
  2. It is good to exercise your dog but not on hot days. Long walks can cause them to experience heatstroke, and hot asphalt can burn their paws. If you absolutely must walk your dog, take them early in the morning or find a grassy area and be sure to give them frequent water breaks. Limit their walks during the hottest part of the afternoon. Some people let their dogs loose in their backyard and then hire a dog pooper scooper service to clean up any waste. In the summer, you can also exercise your dog inside your home by allowing them to play with toys. Not only will this keep them entertained, but it will keep them safe from the sweltering heat. 
  3. Pay attention to your dog and know the symptoms of heatstroke. Some common heatstroke signs are difficulty breathing, dizziness, vomiting, a purple tongue, glazed eyes, lack of coordination, excessive drooling, or a sluggish demeanor. If you notice any of these symptoms, please move your pet inside your home. Apply cold towels to their chest, head, and neck. You can also run cool water over them. Give them some cool water to drink, and then contact your veterinarian for immediate assistance as your pup could be at risk for severe injury or even death. Whatever you do, don’t ignore the situation. Take action because heatstroke is no joke and is a potentially life-threatening condition that takes many dogs’ lives every year.
  4. If you let your dog outside to do their business, you should not only hire a dog poop clean-up service to maintain pet waste and keep your yard clean, but you must also provide your dog with fresh water and shade at all times. Some dog owners invest in kiddie pools to allow their dogs a place to take a dip and cool off. You see, dogs can be prone to overheating – especially dogs with short snouts, like Bulldogs. By providing your dog with shade and plenty of water, you can keep them happy and safe. Another trick is to treat them with homemade dog popsicles made out of unsalted chicken broth, veggies, and water. Not only will these hydrate them, but these are healthy dog treats that will provide them nourishment.
  5. Watch the temperature inside your home. Always make sure your pup doesn’t get overheated in the house. Therefore, leave the air conditioner on for your pet in the summer. Never allow your home to get above 80 degrees. Cooling mats can be an excellent product to keep your dog cool. Either way, your dog mustn’t get overheated.

In conclusion, being a pet owner takes a bit of effort but, the rewards are immeasurable. Not only do you get companionship, but you also get unconditional love. While hiring a pet waste removal company or a dog poop clean-up service is one way to keep your family happy and your dog safe.

By following the tips mentioned above, you will keep your pet safe in the Arizona heat. You will be able to prevent them from experiencing life-threatening heatstroke that could cause them irreparable harm. After all, you love your pet, and they love you, so be sure to protect them from the blazing summer heat at all costs.

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