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Ways to Keep Your Dog Busy While You’re At Work using Furbo

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Using Furbo to Keep Your Dog Busy 

People are passionate about keeping pets in their homes for a companion. Most people rear dogs as their best pets and play with them during leisure. Besides, dogs act as additional security measures to detect unusual incidences and intruders and alert their owners by barking. Although you can move with your dog when visiting friends, going out shopping, or while taking a walk, you are likely to leave your dog behind when you go out for work. It will help if you incorporate ways of making your dogs occupied throughout your working period to avoid incidences where your dog engages in destructive behavior due to boredom. Here are ways that Furbo can help to keep your dog busy while at work.

1. Use Interactive Toys

You can use interactive toys to keep your dog busy while you leave home for work. When your family goes to work, the dog remains home alone and could suffer boredom due to lack of interaction. Dogs are known to have a lot of energy and may engage in different activities such as ransacking the dustbin and playing with your furniture. The spillage of the dustbin could present you with additional work to attend to when you return from work. Besides, dogs have strong canines that could destroy your home furniture when playing, causing you to incur an additional cost of its repair or replacement. Using interactive toys allows your dog to remain occupied and avoid boredom that leads to destructive behavior.


2. Monitor Your Dog

You can purchase a Furbo and place it within the dog’s confined area to monitor its activities when you leave home for work. The equipment has a camera that records and sends you dog movement, allowing you to monitor your dog’s activities while you are away. When the dog detects unfamiliar incidences, it barks, and you get notifications that can help you monitor activities at your home. Besides, if your home access door to rooms remains open, watching where your dog spends the most incredible amount of its time can help you improve its comfort. For example, if your dog keeps visiting your sitting room and spending time viewing the television, you can provide it with animal channels that will help keep it busy while you are way at work.

3. Engage your Dog

Technology advancement allows most people to have internet access in their homes. You can connect your Wi-Fi and Furbo to communicate with your dog while at work. The device will enable you to command your dog, especially when observing that it exhibits boredom behavior. You can call the dog and control it move to specific places, sit down or stop a particular action. When you use the equipment to engage your dog, the commands keep your dog busy and increase comfort when you are away at work.

4. Reward Behavior

You can provide a comfortable home environment that keeps your dog busy throughout the day. Most pets require a clean environment for them to remain active and healthy. Engaging in pet waste removal before embarking on work allows the dog to live in a clean environment. By using rewards, you can instill a positive behavior by rewarding the dog with bites every time it poops in its designated place. Besides, you can instruct the dog to engage in jumping and searching for hidden items. Every time it manages to attain what you stipulate successfully, you provide it with rewards. The use of tips remains the best approach to engage your dog while away and help it stay active.

Dogs remain the most popular pet in most homes. Most people prefer dogs because of their easy adaptation to behavior change and provide improved security at home. However, pet waste removal remains a mystery to most people around Arizona Metropolitan. You can seek our services to dispose of your dog’s waste and help you maintain your pet’s environment. When you attend work, the dog remains at home, and you can employ the above means to keep it active and avoid boredom.

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