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You live in the desert, and you’re thinking about getting a dog, huh? Congratulations, and high-five yourself! That’s a fantastic idea! Dogs are an excellent source of boundless love, companionship, and enrichment! With all of those sunny days for frolicking, you’ll be best friends in no time! But hang on, pump the brakes- where and how do you start looking for your future best friend when you live in the desert? Aren’t dogs covered in massive amounts of fur? Would anyone want to live in the desert in a fur coat? Which breed of dog is the best hot-weather dog breed for me? Sure, you’ve been on the internet cruising for dog beds, dog bowls, and the best pet waste removal companies, but you forgot all about the sun! Perhaps a feeling of despair is creeping in… Ugh- so much fur, surely they would be miserable out here? WRONG! Don’t sweat it! Got Poop AZ not only has your back as a dependable pet waste removal company, but we have compiled a list of some of the Best Hot-Weather Dog breeds for you to consider! Break out the lemonade and doggie-pool! Let’s dive into these breeds!

* Great Dane: This gentle giant may seem like a “bit much” for your average dog owner, but time and time again, these gorgeous, lion-sized buckets of love are making the top ten list for the best

apartment dogs! Their short-coat, calm temperament, and little exercise requirements make them a top contender for desert living. However, with such a large dog comes large lawn presents. So you may want to hire a pet waste removal company!

* German Short Haired Pointer: This people-pleaser from the sporting group is another jaw-dropping head-turner capable of being a “Best Hot-Weather Dog Breeds” due to its short coat and breeding for fieldwork. This is a medium-level energy dog. A brisk walk and play session in the cool morning or evening hours will satisfy this lovable worker. This breed loves the water, so a doggie pool, tennis ball, and an “atta boy” are all this puppy needs to be happy!

* Chihuahua: If you’re looking for something a bit smaller as well as a go-anywhere-tag- along, then a chihuahua may be an excellent choice for you! This breed originates from Mexico, which we all know is very warm! Capable of withstanding heat better than other breeds, this dog would be a perfect addition to any dessert metro! Great for any size home or lawn, this tiny love biscuits short and thin coat, as well as petite stature,Best Desert Dog Breeds make the top list for Got Poop AZ’s Best Hot Weather Dog Breeds.

* Italian Greyhound: An often overlooked breed is the Italian Greyhound. This small dog is a wonderful companion and loves a warm sunny day! With low energy levels, this pup would much rather cuddle in the A/C all day. But when he does need to go outside, no need to worry about him quickly over-heating because this pup’s breed (despite the name-) is believed to have originated in ancient Egypt! Doesn’t get much warmer than Egypt before fans and A/C! Am I right? Rumor has it that the Italian Greyhound got its name from the popularity that the breed had throughout the Mediterranean.

* Afghan Hound. Another overlooked breed is the Afghan Hound. If you want a dog that you can dress up with bows, and groom to your heart’s content, look no further than this Cher-like diva! Those gorgeous flowing locks provide enough movement to keep air circulating well, and the hair itself, while plentiful, is very fine. Hailing from Afghanistan, this is another breed all too familiar with a desert climate. Able to tolerate scorching heat during the day and cooler nights, this high-maintenance beauty is a great choice! Hey,- Rapunzel for a dog name, perhaps?! And don’t worry, remember- you’re getting a pet waste removal company to help you out with dog chores, so you have all the time in the world to brush Rapunzel’s hair. She can let it all down!

Well, we hope this got the gears turning as far as which Hot-Weather Dog Breeds might work best for you. There are so many to choose from! Don’t let the desert deter you from finding a perfect match! So many breeds are compatible with that environment/ climate! Check out below for another shortlist of our favorites Best Hot Weather Dog Breeds ideas for you to check into!
We look forward to meeting your new best friend!

* Australian Cattle Dog (Medium Size)
* Cane Corso (Large Size)
* Whippet (Medium Size)
* Boxer (Large Size)
* Doberman Pincher (Large Size)
* Yorkshire Terrier (Small Size)
* Dalmatian (Large Size)
* Vizsla (Large Size)
* Chinese Crested (Small Size)
* Weimaraner (Large Size)
* Beagle (Medium Size)

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