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Dogs need to get out of the house too. That being the case, why not choose to take your pet out to a hiking trail where your pet will have an opportunity to enjoy an outdoor experience? From the rustic camping and dog-friendly hiking trails, you will also have a chance to share in the good moments of these pet-friendly parks that make a perfect place for social events with your furry friend. Dogs are amazing adventurers, and we have a guide to the best dog-friendly hiking trails and dog-friendly parks in Arizona’s state parks. There is nothing a dog loves more than running off-leash with fellow dogs. No matter where you stay in Arizona, you will find an off-leash dog park nearby, and be sure to carry a pooper scooper.

Scheduled pooper scooper service will help you enjoy the benefits of a poop-free yard. Alternatively, you can acquire a pooper scooper to ensure you keep your yard free of pet waste and clean. We have rates as low as $29.00 per month.

Got Poop Arizona

When hiking during hot months and enjoying the outdoors with your pet, please remember their safety depends on you. Therefore follow the tips here to ensure a safe and fun trip with your furry friend. Before hiking with your pet, test the ground. This test is easy, and it helps save your dog’s feet. Use your hand to touch the ground. If it’s too hot to touch, either don’t go hiking or put protective foot covers on your dog. Protective foot covers will keep your pooch happy and save him from blisters from the ground. Carry an adequate amount of water to keep both of you cool and hydrated. There are collapsible water bowls on the market that allow you to deploy and fill fast and efficiently while hiking. Wet your handkerchief and place it on your pet’s neck. Pour some water on your pet and let them get a little wet; your pet will enjoy it.

Where to walk dogs

There are non-camping parks with scenic places to walk the dogs, and that is pet-friendly. Oracle State Park has more than 15 miles of trails, with four miles of the Arizona National Scenic Trail.  Dogs are allowed to explore the park while unleashed. Visit Fort Verde State Historic Park to take a stroll with your dog in a grassy outdoor area. Walk around the main event area or near the garden overlooking the expansive Verde Valley. Slide Rock State Park has orchards that offer plenty of grass and greenery for your pet to enjoy. Your dog can accompany you on the trail, hike through the red country and enjoy a picnic in day-use areas. Lost Dutchman State Park has many courses for all skills levels. You can take a challenging hike to flat iron level, a dog-friendly easy walk in the park.

Hiking with your pet offers your dog a chance to socialize with other dogs and their owners on a guided hike on mountains. Also, you will get an opportunity to get any questions answered by the park rangers, thus equipping you with the necessary skills in case you are new to dog ownership or you fancy hiking a trail with your furry friend frequently. Fall is a perfect time to take advantage of the weather and go for a hike in the deserts, including Dutchman, Picacho peak, and Catalina state parks. 

Rules and Regulations

  1.  Keep dogs on a leash until the owner is in the park and the entrance fully closed.
  2. Their owners must accompany dogs.
  3. Use the mutt mitt dispensers and waste containers located at the park’s fence line and clean up after use to avoid the spread of diseases.
  4. Keep your dog in sight and maintain voice control while using the dog park.
  5. Leash your dog immediately, for all dogs’ safety, if he exhibits aggressive behavior and leaves the dog park area.
  6. Do not groom animals at the park to help maintain cleanliness in the park.
  7. Make sure your dog is licensed, vaccinated, and above four months old.
  8. Don’t bring food, alcoholic drinks, or smoke inside the fenced areas.
  9. Due to some dogs’ unpredictable behaviors near children, please do not bring children below twelve years old for their safety.


Scheduled pooper scooper service

During the travel with your furry friend, one thing will undoubtedly happen. Poop happens. It could be unfortunate if you forgot to pack the pooper scooper and are in an unfamiliar environment. It will be worse if you don’t have a pet waste removal kit with you. 

When you opt to treat your furry friend or be out with your pet, meeting other dog owners who are passionate about their pets is such an exciting experience. It will even be better if you decide to have a visit at Arizona Dog-friendly Parks and Hiking Trails. It is a scenic destination that will thrill and make your hike worth even more. There is nothing better than taking your pets for a walk.

 You can even check out local dog events, and you will undoubtedly meet thousands of dog lovers and have an opportunity to interact with them as your pet meets new friends as well. Since most of the events are also friendly to human beings, why not accompany him? It is an excellent opportunity to be out, take a breath and relax as you enjoy the hike with your best buddy. Make a move now and treat your furry friend at Arizona Dog-friendly Parks and Hiking Trails. You will be glad you did it.

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