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5 Reasons to Love Emotional Support Animals

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It’s hard to believe, but some people do not like the idea of emotional support dogs, and while their reasoning behind it does have some logic to back it up, there are so many reasons to should love service dogs. Here are just a few simple reasons as to why people should try to be more open-minded about having service dogs and other emotional support pets around in public:

1.) They can calm someone down in a stressful situation.

 If there are service dogs around in times of stress, they can calm down the mood in the area. These dogs are trained to use different comfort methods to relax when they are around very stressed people. This is useful when there are stressful days at work, stressful confrontations at a public park, or just an overwhelming environment, and you cannot leave on your own for a bit longer.

2.) They are well behaved, even when nature calls.

People say that having emotional support dogs in business will only cause more problems, and more mess, for the employees who work there. Whether they are going into a store or a private park, these places have maintenance workers and cleaners around the clock to help maintain the area. Service animals are very well behaved, and the owners typically clean up after when their pets. 

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3. Emotional Support Pets are very good at reading the room.

An emotional support pet can usually tell when something will happen before it even has a chance to. Service animals have saved a lot of people from having accidents or terrible stress in public places. A dog can usually tell when the owner will panic or pass out, saving a trip to the hospital.

4.) They are very loving and loyal.

When you have a service animal around, you can guarantee that this is an animal that you can trust no matter what. These pets will always be around to help you when you are stressed, they will calm you down, and they will follow you no matter what you are going through with no judgment in their eyes.

5.) They help slow you down so you can take in and enjoy your surroundings

When you see an emotional support animal, they will help you remember that you are allowed to slow down and enjoy your surroundings. They do this by coming up to you, being loving and caring if you are stressed, and giving you a few snuggles to bring your heart rate down. Embrace these stress-free moments to think and reflect on the life happening around you. It will make you appreciate the small things, and you will go on with your day a little bit happier, and a lot less stressed.

Even if you do not need to have an emotional support pet, you’ve got to admit that they are beneficial in many ways. Arizona Service Animals should be welcomed anywhere in society, and they should be placed in more workspaces to bring comfort and care to those who are overworked and stressed.

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