9 Worst Dog Breeds to Train

Are you wondering which dog breeds are the worst to train?

Obedience training is an essential part of being a dog owner, but sometimes it’s not an easy job.

Today we’re going to take a look at the least trainable dog breeds so you know what to expect before adopting.

While they all have many other wonderful qualities, they may not be the best choice for first-time dog owners.

Let’s take a look!

9 Worst Dog Breeds to Train

What are the worst dog breeds to train? While all dogs are teachable, some need a lot more patience than others! Check out the 9 least trainable dog breeds!

Unfortunately, not all pooches are as eager to please as the Golden Retriever.

That’s because you can’t motivate them with treats, or they happen to be too stubborn for their own good.

Such dogs are difficult to train even for professionals. That’s why I would not recommend them for first time owners.

Without strong leadership, these dogs can get bossy and demanding. But enough of this chit-chat. Here are the 9 least trainable dog breeds.

#1 Afghan Hound


Famous for its elegance and grace, Afghan Hound is an ancient dog breed used for chasing large prey in Afghanistan.

People valued this pooch for his speed and intellect and praised his ability to hunt without human guidance.

As such, the Afghan Hound has an independent nature and doesn’t have a strong desire to please his owner.

That’s one of the reasons why this dog is among the least affectionate breeds.

Moreover, don’t expect that treats will bride an Afghan Hound to do your bidding.

Why? Because this elegant pooch is not as food-motivated as other breeds. Instead, you have to rely on patience and repetition.

You also have to accept that from time to time, this dog will not cooperate no matter how you try to coax him.

#2 Basenji

The basenji is among the least trainable dog breeds.

A unique temperament is one way to describe the Basenji. This barkless dog is one of the worst dog breeds to train due to his “selective hearing,” and strong, independent personality.

Basenji doesn’t see why he should please his owner. Instead, this dog will attempt to trick you into providing whatever he wants or needs.

A Basenji might learn all the commands you’re teaching him but might refuse to obey you. That’s why a lot of Basenji owners say that he has a stubborn streak “a mile long.”

Harsh treatment would make a Basenji even more stubborn than usual, so your best bet is to keep the training session fun.

# 3 Beagles

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One of the best small dogs for children, the Beagle doesn’t look like one of the worst dogs to train right?

However, Beagles are scent hounds, and as such, they are more interested in following their nose than paying attention to you.

That’s why it’s nearly impossible to get a Beagle to comply when he has picked up a scent, and your commands usually fall to deaf ears.

Not to mention that by nature, Beagles are mischievous, curious, and free-thinkers.

So, why Beagles are irresistibly cute, they might prove a training challenge even to an experienced dog owner.

#4 Chow Chow

"Nelson" the Chow Chow

A blue-black tongue, fluffy coat, and deep-set eyes are what makes Chow Chow one of the most adorable dogs you’ll ever encounter.

But if you are considering getting one so that you can cuddle on the couch, think again.

A lot of owners share that their Chow Chow has a cat-like temperament. It other words, this teddy-bear pooch is stubborn and independent.

It’s not a dog that likes you fussing over him and won’t give his love or obedience to anybody who walks through the door.

That’s what makes him a great watchdog and perfect for single working people.

Harsh treatment and rough handling are especially counterproductive when it comes to this dignified pooch.

Instead, you must earn the Chow Chow’s respect and establish your position as the leader of the pack.

#5 Great Pyrenees

Cassidy (Great Pyrenees) on the coast of Maine

Another dog that makes the list of the worst breeds to train is the magnificent Great Pyrenees.

While the Great Pyrenees makes an excellent family dog due to his strong protective instinct and gentle nature, he also happens to be an independent thinker.

The Great Pyrenees used to be a flock guardian, so he is used to working alone and figuring things by himself.

This pooch also has an elephant-like memory and never, ever will forget anything. So, any harsh treatment during training will be remembered for years after.

Gentleness and patience are required when you train the Great Pyrenees, and the sooner you start training the puppy, the easier your job will be.

#6 Afador

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Have you ever heard of the Afador? This dog is a mix between Afghan Hound and Labrador Retriever.

That might mislead some people into thinking that the Afador is as easy to train as the Labrador.

Unfortunately, the Afador takes after his Afghan Hound parent in this regard and can be tricky to train due to his stubborn streak and independent nature.

However, the Afador needs only a handful of repetitions when he is paying attention and picks up commands quickly.

He reacts well to positive reinforcement and firm, but gentle handling.

#7 Tibetan Mastiff


Bred to guard livestock, the Tibetan Mastiff makes an excellent companion and a loyal protector.

This noble dog is devoted to his family, aloof of strangers, and “challenging” to train according to owners.

A Tibetan Mastiff doesn’t want to be treated as a pet, but as an equal, because he has a strong sense of self.

He has a mind of his own and won’t obey your commands when he deems you wrong.

So, don’t expect him to look at you for guidance. But a Tibetan Mastiff is a great choice if you’re looking for a winter dog.

#8 Basset Hound

this is not the ball you're looking for

Basset Hounds are typical hounds which means that they are more interested in catching a scent than listening to your voice.

Moreover, Basset Hounds are stubborn as most hound breeds, but they tend to get on well with everybody, including kids and pets.

When it comes to training, these dogs can be motivated to learn with enough tasty treat.

However, since they are prone to obesity, you must be careful not to overfeed them by accident.

In addition to this, Basset Hounds are sensitive and react badly to harsh treatment.

Consistency, gentleness, and patience are what you need to convince this pooch that he must respond to your commands.

#9 Shiba Inu

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Shiba Inu catches everybody’s attention with his cute looks and bold, fierce personality.

But owners quickly realize that despite his small size, Shiba Inu considers himself superior to those around him, his owner included.

In addition to this, Shiba Inu is highly intelligent and has a head-strong temperament and a free-thinking nature.

A Shiba Inu can learn quickly whatever command you’re teaching. But don’t expect him to obey unless you convince him it’s in his benefit to do so.

Despite their stubbornness and independence, all of these dog breeds can be an excellent addition to your family.

However, you’ll have to be extra patient and resourceful when dealing with these dogs.

A little help from a professional trainer also might come in handy.

What do you think about these 9 worst dog breeds to train? Do you agree or disagree? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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