100 Tropical Dog Names for Male & Female Pups

Grab your coconut water & sunblock, we’re heading down to the Equator for these top 100 tropical dog names!

From the Tropic of Cancer to good old Capricorn, we’ve got the best dog names for your sunshine-loving, easy, breezy island lifestyle!

I guarantee that the hardest part will be picking just one!

Don’t worry, we won’t judge if try to fit in a few and name your dog Sir Analu Asera Kei Smith. 😀

Now, let’s check out those names, shall we?

Best Tropical Dog Names

Since we covered much of the Atlantic in our top Caribbean dog names list, for this list we’ll spend most of our time in the Pacific for some variety.

As always, we broke it into two lists: one for male dogs & one for females. Some of the names are gender-neutral, so don’t feel like you’re locked into either list.

Male Tropical Dog Names

Grab your coconut water & sunblock, we're heading down to the Equator for these top 100 tropical dog names for male & female pups! Check them out!
  1. Andrés (after San Andrés in Colombia)
  2. Asera ( lucky)
  3. Analu (manly)
  4. Akamu (red earth)
  5. Anakoni (worthy of praise)
  6. Alemana (warrior)
  7. Batiki (island in Fiji)
  8. Diego (Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean)
  9. Etana (strong)
  10. Ezra (help)
  11. Farol (island in Portugal)
  12. Galapagos (islands in South America)
  13. Hiwa (jet black)
  14. Hilo (first night after new moon)
  15. Java (an island in Indonesia)
  16. Kahoku (the star)
  17. Kaipo (sweetheart)
  18. Kale (free man)
  19. Kanuha (sullen)
  20. Kapena (captain)
  21. Keanu (a cool mountain breeze)
  22. Kei ( dignified)
  23. Kolohe (little rascal)
  24. Keiki (child)
  25. Koa (bold and brave)
  26. Kekipi (rebel)
  27. Keoki (George in Hawaiian)
  28. Lagen (island in the Philippines)
  29. Largo (after Key Largo, in the Florida Keys)
  30. Loihi (youngest volcano in Hawaii)
  31. Lucas (San Lucas, Costa Rica)
  32. Lupo ( wolf)
  33. Malo (victorious winner)
  34. Mau Loa ( forever)
  35. Marías (in Mexico)
  36. Mele (happy)
  37. Monroe (island in the Philippines)
  38. Oke (Oscar in Hawaiian)
  39. Onaona (someone who smells good)
  40. Pukini (pudding)
  41. Pekelo (stone)
  42. Pilikea (Trouble)
  43. Raas (island in East Java)
  44. Riau (island in Sumatra)
  45. Thasos (Greek island)
  46. Tortuga (Venezuelan island)
  47. Waha Nui (Big mouth)
  48. Weuweu (Fluffy)
  49. Tokoriki (island in Fij
  50. Wayan (firstborn boy in Bali)

Out of the boy tropical dog names, I really love Keanu. I mean, who doesn’t, right?

Another fun idea that I didn’t include above but wanted to mention down here: Darwin!

Yes, I know it’s not a tropical name, but Darwin spent a lot of time in the Galapagos.

Also, since we mention Lilo below (which is a great Hawaiian name), I feel it’s only fair to mention Stitch here. Again, I left it off the above because it’s not really a tropical name.

Now, let’s check out some female tropical dog names!

Female Tropical Dog Names

Grab your coconut water & sunblock, we're heading down to the Equator for these top 100 tropical dog names for male & female pups! Check them out!
  1. Aolani (Heavenly Cloud)
  2. Akela (Wisdom)
  3. Alika (Truthful)
  4. Alamea (Precious Child)
  5. Aliikai (Queen of the sea)
  6. Alana (Awakening)
  7. Alaula (Light of day break)
  8. Alani (Orange fruit tree)
  9. Azore (Azores in Portugal)
  10. Cicia (island in Fiji)
  11. Coco (Del Coco, island in Costa Rica)
  12. Halia ( recollection)
  13. Hoala ( agitate)
  14. Hanai ( fortune)
  15. Hula ( joy)
  16. Iolona ( soaring like an eagle)
  17. Ipo ( darling, sweetheart)
  18. Iniki (a one of the famous Hawaiian hurricane)
  19. Iokina ( help from god)
  20. Kahili ( a feather)
  21. Kaikala ( sea and the sun)
  22. Kalama ( brightness)
  23. Kailohia ( calm of the sea)
  24. Lahela ( an innocent lamp)
  25. Lani ( a sky)
  26. Lalama ( dear, honey, darling)
  27. Laka ( sober)
  28. Kona ( female)
  29. Lilo ( kind or generous)
  30. Kamea ( one in a million)
  31. Keala ( a pathway)
  32. Kani ( sweet sound)
  33. Mānana (islet in Hawaii)
  34. Meka ( Eyes)
  35. Miki (fast, quick)
  36. Moana ( an ocean)
  37. Meli ( honey)
  38. Okalani ( a heaven)
  39. Nohea ( fair)
  40. Oliana ( joyful)
  41. Noe ( a rainy day)
  42. Nalani ( peace in a sky)
  43. Poluna ( chubby)
  44. Noelani ( a girl from the heaven)
  45. Paunani ( the loveliest flower)
  46. Salia (town in Fiji)
  47. Ululani ( inspiration to others)
  48. Keilani ( a perfect chief)
  49. Mirena ( lover)
  50. Zohrow ( active)

I have to admit that I’m partial to Lilo, probably because I spent so much time watching Lilo & Stitch when my son was little!

If you have a Greyhound or other speedy dog, I think Miki would be a great choice!.

What are your favorite tropical dog names from our list? Do you have any others to add? Share below!

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