Top 100 Surf Dog Names for Beach-Loving Pups

If you’re on the search for the best surf dog names for your beach-loving pup, I’ve got you covered!

Whether you love to hang ten or just like hanging out at the beach, these top 100 surfing-inspired ideas are perfect for you!

Read on for 50 ideas for male dogs and 50 for females, plus a brief description of each name!

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Top 100 Surf Dog Names

If you're on the search for the best surf dog names for your beach-loving pup, I've got you covered! Check out the top 100 ideas for male & female pups!

We broke our list of surf dog names up into female and male ideas but some are fairly gender-neutral.

In other words, if you love a name from the female list for a male dog, go ahead and use it!

Also, this post contains some affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, we earn a tiny commission at no extra charge to you.

Now, let’s get started. Ladies first!

Female Surf Dog Names

Top 50 best female surf dog names
  1. Aliikai (Queen of the Sea)
  2. Aqua ( The color use to describe a sea)
  3. Ariel ( A character in Disney’s The Little Mermaid)
  4. Aroa ( Aroa Beach is famed for his scenic backdrops)
  5. Alaia ( a surfboard made up of a wood)
  6. Aerial ( A move where a surfer meets a crust of wave and takes a flight)
  7. Azure ( Color of deep blue water)
  8. Bells ( A famous surfing spot in Australia)
  9. Bino  ( Between the two large waves)
  10. Bambora ( An off-shore break in the deep water)
  11. Bathsheba ( beach in Barbados with indescribable beauty)
  12. Blondie ( good beachy name for a blonde dog)
  13. Bondi ( a bondi beach in Australia)
  14. Camiala ( A dog that loves to spend a time on sand)
  15. Calinda ( a word sun in Hindi language)
  16. Chiva ( blue beach La Chiva)
  17. Copa ( the Copacabana beach in a Brazil  with a great view)
  18. Curl (the shape of a wave right after it breaks)
  19. Current ( the moment of water due to temperature or wind)
  20. Chop ( a bumpy water)
  21. Champagne ( Champagne Beach)
  22. Dune ( sandy dunes on the beach)
  23. Darya ( the Persian word which means “goddess of the sea”)
  24. Dawn ( the time of the day when a sun rises over the river)
  25. Eliana ( a word means daughter of the sun)
  26. Gidget ( small female surfer)
  27. Grace ( Grace Beach in Turkey)
  28. Goody ( joyful dog)
  29. Haven ( haven from stormy blue seas)
  30. Indigo ( a color of a deep sea)
  31. Keala (Keala Kennelly, famous surfer)
  32. Lanai ( word meaning island)
  33. Lanikai ( island famous for blue green water)
  34. Leech ( a needy surfer)
  35. Langkawi ( a beach famous for pirates hangout)
  36. Maya ( Hebrew word which means water & famous surfer)
  37. Moana ( means “ocean”)
  38. Moku ( a Olympian who made a surfing famous)
  39. Morwenna ( waves of sea)
  40. Mysto ( a surfing spot that breaks away from faraway reef)
  41. Pebbles (  the tiny stones on the beach)
  42. Peak ( the spot in the sea that breaks water on both sides)
  43. Pits ( center of the wave)
  44. Pearl ( the pearls inside the seashells)
  45. Racy (a surfing term for a fast wave)
  46. Sandy ( the sand on the beach)
  47. Seashell ( perfect name for dog that loves to spend time on beach)
  48. Solangi ( sun’s angel)
  49. Sunset ( sunset beach in Hawaii)
  50. Wahine (a name for a female surfer)

Male Surf Dog Names

Top 50 male surf dog names
  1. Akaw ( a word surfers call out when they see a wave)
  2. Aggro ( a word that describes aggression to approach the wave)
  3. Barrel ( a tube- shaped curls of wave)
  4. Bogs ( bogging)
  5. Bamboo ( a fiberglass replacing in surfboards)
  6. Barney ( a newbie)
  7. Bambora ( big wave that breaks outside the normal surf line)
  8. Bilbo ( a Newfoundland dog that patrolled the beaches of Cornwall)
  9. Breaker ( a large waves)
  10. Blue ( color of a sea)
  11. Crusoe ( Robinson cruise who was lost on an Island for many years)
  12. Camps ( bay beach in cape town)
  13. Cruise ( a relaxing voyage on board)
  14. Cargo ( smart name for a beach dog)
  15. Crest ( top most part of the wave)
  16. Carver ( someone who is agile)
  17. Corduroy ( swells coming in from the horizon)
  18. Duke ( a name after father of surfing Duke Kanahamoka)
  19. Doc ( pioneer of the surf culture)
  20. Dorian ( a Greek word mean sea)
  21. El Rollo ( a complicated surfer that move on the wave)
  22. Gun ( name of a big surfboard)
  23. Horseshoe ( a bay in Bermuda shaped like a horsehoe)
  24. Harbour ( a beach in Bahamas)
  25. Honopu ( a beach in Hawaii)
  26. Hurley ( famous surf gear band)
  27. Kahuna ( as in “The Big Kahuna”)
  28. Kook ( term used to describe a unprofessional surfer)
  29. Kaimama ( a word means man of the sea)
  30. Knot ( a unit of the speed)
  31. Kapena ( a word means a captain of the board)
  32. Key West ( a chain of famous islands off the coast of Florida)
  33. Lindquist ( name of the beach)
  34. Laird ( after laid Hamilton)
  35. Lido ( for Lido Beach in Italy)
  36. Maverick ( the biggest wave)
  37. Mack ( huge, big or large)
  38. Maui ( third largest island after Hawaii’s second largest island)
  39. Maho ( Maho beach in St. Martin)
  40. Malibu ( famous beach in California)
  41. Miki ( Miki Dora a king of Malibu during 50s and 60s)
  42. Nungwi ( Nungwi Beach in Zanzibar)
  43. Narrabeen ( famous surfing spot on Australia’s north shore)
  44. Nido ( El Nido beach in Palawan, Philippines)
  45. Pirate ( the best outlaw of the sea)
  46. Paddlepup ( a dog that loves to swim or love water)
  47. Pelican ( a cool bird that seems on beach spots)
  48. Reef ( famous surfing brand)
  49. Reduit ( a famous beach in St. Lucia)
  50. Rusty ( Cadillac of surfboards)

With this mix of traditional Hawaiian names, famous beaches and cool surf slang, you shouldn’t have any problem finding the right name for your dog!

What are some of your favorite surf dog names? Share below!

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