Still Miss Our Dog After A Year Of Losing Him –

miss our dog lhasa apso
Roxie at lakefront which was one of Chester’s favourite places

Still Miss My Dog

Today is a rather solemn day as it was today a year ago that I suddenly lost my boy Chester. He had been stricken with DCM or dilated cardiomyopathy heart disease and on active treatment all last summer. His symptoms flared up again at the end of last August so he was rushed back to the emergency vet hospital and initially he was expected to recover and come home. Then some time in the afternoon things made a turn for the worse and my Lhasa Apso dog Chester suddenly passed away. I did not find out until a few hours later when I showed up at the hospital thinking we were taking him home.

lhasa apso dcm dilated cardiomyopathy
Lost our dear boy Chester a year ago

Even after a year, I still miss my Chester and I’m pretty sure his sister Roxie does too. His absence is still felt around the house. Roxie suddenly became the only dog at home but she has done really well in the past year. Although she was suddenly alone at home for the very first time in her life after spending 13 years with her brother around, she did not display any significant signs of separation anxiety nor became destructive around the house.

Roxie does sleep most of the day. Her senior age might have something to do with this but our other dog parents from our small dogs group tell me that their dogs, most of them younger than Roxie, also tend to sleep all day. Roxie might have been doing this even when her brother Chester was still around but at least they were never too far away from each other in the house. Now Roxie has had to sleep somewhere in the house alone when I’m not there during the daytime.

In the past when I had both Chester and Roxie together, they were able to be on their own together overnight whenever I travelled away. Our pet sitter would come twice per day to look after them. Now with Roxie on her own, I won’t let her stay overnight by herself as she stays at her pet sitter’s home during my travels now.

My top priority after losing Chester was to do my best to keep his surviving sister Roxie as healthy and happy as possible for the rest of her life. I hope I’ve done a decent job with this over the past year. I know that one of the main components of this task is to continue getting her out with her doggie friends twice per week with our small dogs group. As shown in the walking dreams video of our last blog post, Roxie seems to be genuinely content whenever she is out with her friends. I plan to continue keeping her happy as long as I can since she deserves it.

miss our dog lhasa apso
Roxie enjoying the lake on her own now

To help remember our beloved boy Chester, I had put together a video tribute of his life and it is included below as a reminder of what a great Lhasa Apso dog he was.

My tribute of Chester from his puppyhood to senior years


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