140 Royal Dog Names for Your Regal Pup

If you’re looking for the best royal dog names for your regal pup, you’ll love our list!

Today, we’ll take a look at 100 brilliant aristocratic pet names for male & female dogs.

From quintessential kings and queens of yesteryear to modern monarch monikers, you won’t find any names more regal than these!

Let’s check them out!

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Top 100 Aristocratic Pet Names

As always, we’ll break our royal dog names list into two sections: one for boy dogs and one for girls.

Of course, some names are fairly gender-neutral, so feel free to grab names from either list for either sex!

Since not all of these aristocratic pet names are blatantly obvious and self-explanatory, I’ll add a tiny description next to each one to note where they’re from.

Just keep in mind that some names are repeated throughout history! I can’t even tell you how many kings were named Henry over the centuries, so I just note one example for each monarch.

Make sense? Good! Let’s check them out!

Best Royal Dog Names for Male Dogs

Looking for the best royal dog names for male pups? Check out 50 picks inspired by historical male rulers!

  1. Akihito (Japanese Emperor)
  2. Alulim (believed to be the world’s 1st king)
  3. Alexander (the Great, ancient Greek king)
  4. Alfred (King of Wessex during the Viking times)
  5. Anko (Japan)
  6. Arthur (the man, the myth, the legend: King Arthur)
  7. Ashoka  (the Great, of India)
  8. Bābur (founder of the Mughal Empire)
  9. Caeser (Julius Caesar, Roman monarch)
  10. Charles (Prince of Wales)
  11. Clovis (1st recorded king of France)
  12. Conrad (Holy Roman Empire)
  13. Cotezuma (Aztec empire)
  14. Cyrus (Achaemenid Kingdom)
  15. Darius (Pharaoh of Egypt)
  16. David (Scotland)
  17. Domitian (ancient Rome)
  18. Eadred (House of Wessex)
  19. Edgar (House of Wessex)
  20. Henry (England)
  21. Gavril (Bulgarian emperor)
  22. George (the current Queen Elizabeth’s dad)
  23. Guntram (France)
  24. Gustaf (Sweden)
  25. Guy (Holy Roman Emperor)
  26. Hammurabi (Babylonian king)
  27. Hiro (Hirohito of Japan)
  28. Hyder (India)
  29. Ivan (Bulgaria)
  30. James (Scottish King)
  31. Jimmu (Japanese emperor)
  32. Keiko (Japan)
  33. Khan (Genghis, from whom 1 in 200 humans descend)
  34. Koko (Japan)
  35. Lambert (Holy Roman Empire)
  36. Louis (common name for kings in France)
  37. Luiz (Brazilian prince)
  38. Macbeth (Scotland)
  39. Max (Maximilian , Holy Roman Empire)
  40. Odo (French King)
  41. Otto (Holy Roman Empire)
  42. Pepin (King of France)
  43. Petar (Bulgaria)
  44. Rudolph (France)
  45. Sinchi (Inca ruler)
  46. Sweyn (of Denmark)
  47. Tut (after Tutankhamen, Egypt)
  48. Vladimir (Russia)
  49. Wilhelm (German emperor)
  50. Yuri (Russia)

With so many fabulous male royal dog names, it’s hard to choose a favorite! Although it’s a mouthful, I like Alulim because of the history.

The most regal dog deserves the name of the world’s first king, right? If it’s too hard to say (it’s not the best training name), you can shorten it to “Lim” or “Al.”

Not loving that one? Otto is another favorite of mine, and it rolls right off the tongue during training.

Royal Dog Names for Females

Looking for the best royal dog names for female pups? Check out 50 picks inspired by historical female rulers!
  1. Adelasia (Italy)
  2. Adela (France)
  3. Ælfthryth (1st crowned queen of England)
  4. Amina (Queen of Zazzau, Nigeria)
  5. Anne (Boleyn, England)
  6. Arsinoe (ancient Egypt)
  7. Artemisia ( Queen of Halicarnassus )
  8. Beatrix (Netherlands)
  9. Bodicea (Queen of Celts in ancient England)
  10. Brunhilde (Visigoth princess)
  11. Cixi (China)
  12. Claudine (Monaco)
  13. Catherine (the Great, Russia)
  14. Charlotte (England
  15. Cleopatra (ancient Egypt)
  16. Constance (Italy)
  17. Didda (Kashmir Regent)
  18. Elena (Italy)
  19. Eleanor (France, England)
  20. Elizabeth (England)
  21. Fatima (queen of Koya, in present day Sierra Leone)
  22. Himiko (Empress of Japan)
  23. Isabella (Spain)
  24. Jane (Grey, disputed queen of Ireland)
  25. Jelene (Bosnia)
  26. Kubaba  (world’s 1st recorded queen)
  27. Letizia (Spain)
  28. Lili (after Lili’uokalani of Hawaii)
  29. Lucilla (Roman empress consort)
  30. Maria (Bohemia)
  31. Mary (Queen of Scots)
  32. Matilda (Empress, England, 1141)
  33. Margrethe (Denmark)
  34. Maxima (Netherlands)
  35. Nefertiti (Egypt)
  36. Olga (Russia)
  37. Rania (Jordan)
  38. Selene (Cleopatra Selene was Queen of Cyrene)
  39. Sivali (Sri Lanka)
  40. Sonja (Norway)
  41. Sophie (Wessex, England)
  42. Silvia (Sweden)
  43. Suiko (1st recorded Japanese Empress)
  44. Tamar (Republic of Georgia)
  45. Teresa (Portugal)
  46. Theodora (Byzantium Empire)
  47. Victoria (England)
  48. Zenobia (Palmyra, modern day Syria)
  49. Yolande (Constantinople)
  50. Zoe ( Macedonian Dynasty)

The royal dog names for females section has some of the most beautiful names ever, don’t you think?

I personally love Zoe, and it’s super easy for everyone in the family to say (including smaller kids).

Of course, if you want to get really historical, you can go with Kubaba, the world’s first queen. It’s definitely easier to say than the male counterpart.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering how to pronounce #3, it’s AIL-f-thrith. If that’s too much, you can go with the modernized version, Elftrudis (or Elfrida).

40 Royal Dog Names Inspired by Regal Titles

From kings & queens of yesteryear to modern monarch monikers, if you’re searching for royal dog names, we’ve got you covered! Check them out!

As a bonus section, I thought it would be fun to give you some more general royal dog names inspired by synonyms, regal titles and such!

Again, we’ll break it up into male & female ideas.

Regal Names for Male Dogs

  1. Amir (a ruler in Afghanistan)
  2. Baron
  3. Chief
  4. Count
  5. Dauphin (heir to throne in France)
  6. Doge (old title for magistrates in Venice) 
  7. Duke
  8. Earl
  9. Kaiser (German rulers)
  10. King
  11. Knight
  12. Kral (means royal in Azerbaijani )
  13. Laird (Scottish nobility)
  14. Mikado (Japanese emperor title)
  15. Oba (Yoruba chief )
  16. Pharaoh
  17. Prince
  18. Rex (Latin for ruler)
  19. Sultan
  20. Tenno (heavenly sovereign in Japan)

How much are you loving “Doge” for a royal male dog name? Not as much as me? Okay, fine. How about Duke? That’s a solid name for a pup!

Regal Names for Female Dogs

  1. Countess
  2. Duchess
  3. Edle (German nobility title)
  4. Empress
  5. Hara ( Filipino title for queen)
  6. Lady
  7. Larenn (queen in Haitian Creole)
  8. Maharani (wife of a Maharajah)
  9. Majesty
  10. Malika (Arabic for queen)
  11. Marquise (French nobility title)
  12. Princess
  13. Queenie
  14. Raina (means queen in Galician)
  15. Rani (Hindu queen title)
  16. Regalia
  17. Regina (means queen in Italian)
  18. Rioga (means royal in Irish)
  19. Sultana (female version of sultan)
  20. Tsarina (female version of Tsar)

If you have a male and female dog, Duke and Duchess make a great combo! Other female royal title names that I like: Raina & Hara! Both are beautiful!

I hope you found the perfect royal dog names for your regal pups on our list! If not, you can also check out our massive list of 500+ dog name ideas!

What are your favorite royal dog names? Share below!

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