5 Pros and Cons of Owning a Pit Bull

Are you wondering what the pros and cons of owning a Pit Bull are?

Maybe you’re considering adopting a pit puppy but want to know what you’re in for?

Then you’ve found the right place to discover if they are the right breed for you.

Keep on reading to find the best and the worst about Pit Bulls.

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5 Pros and Cons of Owning a Pit Bull

Unfortunately, Pit Bulls have quite a reputation among the general population.

You’ll often hear about Pit Bull attacks on the news or read about Pit Bulls showing signs of aggression towards family members.

And then we have all those stories about Pit Bulls snapping and attacking without warning.

All these stories are only one side of the coin, and they’re the results of people judging the breed on the action of a few of its representatives.

It’s a myth that Pit Bulls are more aggressive than other breeds or that they’re the most likely dog to bite when provoked.

So, let’s see what makes Pit Bulls great companions dogs and what makes it hard to own them.

5 Pros of Owning a Pit Bull

Due to their bad reputation, people often assume that Pit Bulls are one of the least affectionate dogs or that they bad family pets.

However, that’s not true, and I’ve got 5 pros of owning a Pit Bull that you’ll show you I’m right.

Are you wondering what the pros and cons of owning a Pit Bull are? Read on to learn the top five that help you decide if they're the right breed for you.

#1 Pit Bulls are excellent companion dogs

While Pit Bulls have been bred for bull and bear-baiting, these dogs have a sensitive soul.

They don’t do well with harsh treatment and take every scold or disapproving look to heart. Call them a “bad dog” or leave them alone for too long, and they will be miserable.

Their sensitivity level is also what makes them good companion dogs. They won’t leave your side when you’re upset and will try to cheer you up with their goofiness.

If that doesn’t work, they’ll happily cuddle with you until you feel better.

Moreover, Pit Bulls smile and their smiles are so contagious that they improve your mood no matter how you feel.

#2 Pit Bulls are affectionate and loyal

A well-socialized Pit Bull is a terrible watchdog due to their mellow temperament.

As the word goes, a Pit Bull will gladly great a thief with a wagging tail and demand their attention.

However, in most cases, their reputation is enough to make people reconsider going into your house uninvited.

Pit Bulls also love to be around their people and don’t realize that they’re not the right size for a lap dog. Don’t be surprised if they try to climb into your lap when you sit on the couch to watch a movie.

In addition to this, Pit Bulls are loyal to their owners, and if you treat them right, you have a friend for life that won’t hesitate to stand up for you.

#3 Pit Bulls are smart

Sadly, one of the reasons why people often get away with using Pit Bulls for dog-fighting is their intelligence and eagerness to please.

Pit Bulls don’t need a lot of repetition to learn a command, and they’re ready to do whatever you want as long it will make you happy.

So, while Pit Bulls might be a little stubborn, they’re not the worst dog breed to train and respond well to consistent training and gentle discipline.

#4 Pit Bulls are easy to maintain

Do you want a large, muscular dog that won’t shed much around the house? Then the Pit Bull will fit right in.

These dogs have an easy-to-groom coat, which comes in a variety of colors.

They don’t require a lot of brushing and an occasional bath will be enough to keep doggie odor under control

#5 Pit Bulls are a healthy breed

Many popular dog breeds are prone to cancer or other serious conditions.

So, another pro of owning a Pit Bull is that they’re generally healthy and live 12-16 years.

Some Pit Bulls do develop health problems, for example, heart disease and hip dysplasia. But getting your dog from a respectable breeder will lower the chances of your Pit Bull getting sick.

5 Cons of Owning a Pit Bull

Since Pit Bulls belong to the terrier dog group, they have some typical terrier characteristics. In other words, they can be stubborn, bossy, and independent.

That’s why Pit Bulls need a confident owner that will establish his/her position as the leader of the pack and will be strict but fair.

Are you wondering what the pros and cons of owning a Pit Bull are? Read on to learn the top five that help you decide if they're the right breed for you.

#1 Pit Bulls are energetic

One of the cons of owning a Pit Bull is dealing with their high energy needs.

It’s common for owners to wonder how to calm down a hyper Pit Bull because this dog gets very excited during play time, and it might be hard to get the young dog to calm down.

To deal with this hyperactivity, you need to make sure that your Pit Bull has enough opportunity to burn off their excess energy and that they’re stimulated both mentally and physically.

In addition to this, you can ignore your Pit Bull puppy when it gets too hyper and reward calmness as much as possible.

#2 Pit Bulls have a high potential for mouthiness

Pit Bulls are famous for their strong bite, and some people have come to believe that they have lockjaws. That’s a myth. What’s true is that Pit Bulls have the potential for mouthiness.

What it means is that Pit Bulls love to hold things in their mouth and might use their mouths to “herd” their owner. In most cases, they’re not biting to hurt but to play.

Nevertheless, you’ll have to nip your Pit Bull’s biting and teach them what they’re allowed to chew on and what they aren’t.

#3 Some Pit Bulls are dog-aggressive

“My Pit Bull is aggressive towards other dogs,” is something you’ll hear from many Pit Bull owners.

Unfortunately, Pit Bulls don’t always get along well with other dogs and require a lot of socialization and training to overcome this problem.

Often people think that dog aggression and human aggression are the same.

However, back in the days when Pit Bulls were used for bull-baiting, they weren’t trained to be aggressive towards people. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for handlers to approach these dogs.

So, if your Pit Bull is dog-aggressive, it doesn’t mean that they will attack people.

But as a Pit Bull owner, you’ll have to recognize when your Pit Bull is showing signs of aggression towards dogs or people and intervene immediately to prevent escalation.

#4 Pit Bulls don’t like to be alone

Another con of owning a Pit Bull is that they don’t want to be alone and aren’t a suitable breed for busy people.

As I already mentioned, Pit Bulls are very affectionate and sensitive, and they don’t feel happy when they’re separated from their owners for long.

So, they might become destructive out of boredom if you leave them with free rein of the house.

#5 Legal Liabilities and Breed Discrimination

Last but not least, owning a Pit Bull means that people are going to judge your dog based on what they’ve heard or read.

You can expect to hear an earful from strangers about Pit Bull danger and why Pit Bulls snap all of a sudden.

In addition to this, Pit Bulls are banned in some states, and you might have problems renting an apartment or getting insurance.

The bottom line is that Pit Bulls are excellent companion dogs for the right kind of owner.

Unfortunately, the breed attracts the wrong type of people who are looking for a powerful dog to show off or take part in dog-fighting.

But as long as you treat your Pit Bull fair and well, owning a Pit Bull has far more pros than cons.

What do you think about these 5 pros and cons of owning a Pit Bull? Do you agree with them or not? Share below.

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