50 Perfect Pirate Dog Names

Get ready to say “Arggh,” ’cause we’ve rounded up the best pirate dog names ever!

Whether you’re a fan of Disney’s spin on the Pirates of the Caribbean or just love sea rovers in general , we’ve got you covered!

Read on for ideas for both male and female buccaneers!

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Pirate Dog Names

Pirate movies were very popular in the mid-2000s with Pirates of the Caribbean and all its sequels.

Does that mean their popularity has dwindled? Who could forget the quirky yet lovable character of Jack Sparrow and the ever-righteous Will Turner?

Or how about his beloved maiden who would stop at nothing for him, the lovely Elizabeth?

If you are fan of these whimsical characters and all the joy and hilarity they bring to the screen, then perhaps you have a penchant for pirates.

It’s only natural you may want to name your fur baby after one, so we have a few suggestions.

Male Pirate Dog Names

Ahoy, me Hearties! We're sharing our top 25 favorite pirate dog names for male pups! Or, as buccaneers would say, lads! Take a look!

We’ve sailed the seven seas to find inspiration for these male pirate dog names!

Some are famous pirates of yesteryear, others are buccaneer words that just sound like cool names.

  1. Billy Bones – Very fitting since the last name has every bit to do with a dog as it does a pirate. Billy Bones is a pirate captain from the famed book Treasure Island.
  2. Gangplank – Are you an LOL fan? League of Legends for those who don’t know, and Gangplank is a famous pirate champion!
  3. Hook – Need we say more? The villain from Peter Pan who spent his life running from an adorable crocodile. Thank heavens he got his in the end!
  4. Roger– as in Jolly Roger, the name for the pirate flag.
  5. Nemo – No, not the fish that went missing and caused his father and a forgetful little blue friend to cross oceans for his return. This Nemo refers to Captain Nemo, the captain of the Nautilus in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.
  6. Sparrow – Or Jack if you prefer, after the often misunderstood and eccentric pirate who we mentioned in the intro.
  7. Blackbeard – We find this one to be extra cute if your dog has a black snout. Blackbeard is one of the most well-known pirate of the Seven Seas.
  8. Crabbe– As in John Crabbe, a Flemish pirate.
  9. Red Beard – Another famed pirate that raided the Mediterranean.
  10. Barbarossa – It means “red beard” in Italian.
  11. Poseidon – Not so much pirate-related, but each pirate will probably believe in some force of the sea and are at their its mercy every time they set sail.
  12. Neptune – The Roman version of Poseidon.
  13. Bootstrap – You can add the “Bill” at the end if you wish, he is another very popular fictional pirate that makes an appearance in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
  14. Sailor – There’s nothing wrong with going with a literal name.
  15. Sea Wolf– A super appropriate synonym for pirate, don’t you think?
  16. Davy – Davy Jones, a pirate that also graces the screen of Pirates of the Caribbean.
  17. Jones – Davy Jones’ locker, the bottom of the sea
  18. Cannonball – If your pooch is all black and a little round, he may resemble a cannonball.
  19. Loot – A pirate’s spoils from their raids.
  20. Anchor – What keeps any ship grounded. Your dog may provide the same services for you!
  21. Peg – When you think of pirates you may think of peg legs and…..
  22. Patch – ….. eye patches!
  23. Smee – Mr. Smee the beloved sidekick of Captain Hook.
  24. Raider– A synonym for pirate.
  25. Magnus- For Magnus Heinason, a hero that was falsely accused of piracy.
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Most of these names are rooted in fiction, but some have transcended the pages of books and TV screens to an ambiguous plane of existence between fact and fiction.

Let’s take a look at some female pirate dog names.

Female Pirate Dog Names

Ahoy, me Hearties! We're sharing our top 25 favorite pirate dog names for female pups! Or, as buccaneers would say, lassies! Take a look!
  1. Grace – Contrary to her name, she’s one of the only tough female pirates you may have heard of.
  2. Elizabeth – The female protagonist from Pirates of the Caribbean.
  3. Tiger Lily – She may not have anything to do with a pirate, other than the fact that she was captured by Hook.
  4. Lass/Lassie – Not the Rough Collie in the movies of her namesake, but the word meaning “girl”, often used by these scallywags of the sea.
  5. Parrot – Pirates are often seen with parrots (stereotypically).
  6. Mermaid – Where there are pirates, there are sirens and mermaids followed closely behind in legend.
  7. Angelica – The daughter of Blackbeard.
  8. Mary – A dangerous female pirate of the Seven Seas.
  9. Lady – For Lady Killigrew (bonus points if you have heard of her).
  10. Treasure – What a pirate searches for and what you already have in your dog!
  11. Calypso – Also a character seen in Pirates of the Caribbean (they really covered it all), Calypso is a water nymph.
  12. Bait – You can’t catch the fish without bait!
  13. Jacquotte – A female pirate you may have heard of, a female with scarlet locks.
  14. Delahaye – The last name of Jacquotte, which we do like better.
  15. Ching – For a famous female pirate, Ching Shih.
  16. Syrena – A famous mermaid.
  17. Swan – A bird that floats on the water, but is also the last name of our dear Elizabeth Swan.
  18. Charlotte – A lot of female pirates (at least 2) have this first name.
  19. Anne – Another famed female pirate.
  20. Bonny – Last name of Anne.
  21. Siren– not a pirate so much as the bane of them! When you hear her song, better watch out!
  22. Jolly- Again, after the Jolly Roger pirate flag.
  23. Teuta – After the Pirate Queen Teuta of Illyria
  24. Illyria– If you don’t love Teuta, her homeland makes a lovely name!
  25. Alvid– Leader of a group of Norwegian pirates during the Viking times.
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A lot of meaningful names we have on our lists, and there are a few more fierce female pirates than we thought existed! Which names did you find fitting for your dog?

Our favorites are Sparrow, Anchor and Loot for boys (that was hard for us to decide), and for girls we like Treasure, Delahaye, and Tiger Lily.

Share your favorite pirate dog names with us below!

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