Okay To Miss A Dog You Lost

lost small dog miss lhasa apso
Chester’s Tensor Bandage On My Desk

Still Missing My Dog I Lost

The tensor bandage pictured above was what Chester came home with during one of his visits to the vet hospital during the summer of 2018 when he got really ill with DCM or dilated cardiomyopathy. It’s been sitting on my home office desk ever since I lost him in August 2018 and all that time I just could not bear to move it or dispose of it. I guess it was yet another way I was still mourning his passing.

Only this week, a long 19 months since Chester’s passing, am I finally able to actually move this tensor bandage off my desk and put it into storage with other pet supplies here at home. I put up a post on Facebook asking folks if this long wait was some sort of weakness of mine.

Not surprisingly I suppose, quite a few jumped in and said it was perfectly okay as a reaction to losing Chester. They pretty well all said that grieving the loss of a pet takes time. One fellow even mentioned that after losing his last German Sheppard, it took him two years before removing his dog’s bed from his bedroom.

I certainly agree that mourning the loss of a dog, in this case my Lhasa Apso dog Chester, will take time. I had two previous Lhasa Apsos long before Chester and his sister Roxie back in the 1990s when I was a younger man. Even though Pepper and Max from those days will always be in my memories as they should be, they are much less in the top of my mind especially compared to Chester whom I lost only a year and a half ago.

Back to that Facebook post, it was also quite interesting to see that those who jumped in to make a comment were all pet owners. I guess all the non-pet people out there still kind of see us pet owners as over reacting when we lose an animal. Too bad they will never know the type of connection and love possible between a human and a pet.

But like I mentioned in a previous blog post, Chester will continue to help new puppy and dog owners out there with both basic dog obedience training as well as potty training with an indoor dog litterbox through our various training videos he appears in along with his sister Roxie whom is still with me. Roxie by the way is fine even though she sleeps a lot during the daytime at home now but still enjoys dog outings with all her doggie friends.

We’ll be starting our small dogs outings group again for a new spring season with hikes each week. Quite a few of our current longer term dog members and their owners still remember my Chester as he and Roxie were regulars at every dog outing.

Below is a shot of Chester after he came home from the vet hospital wearing the same tensor bandage pictured above.

lhasa apso dog miss
Chester Wearing Tensor Bandage