70 Norse Mythology Dog Names for Male & Female Pups

Need a few great Norse mythology dog names for your furry little Viking?

You’re in luck, because that happens to be one of my favorite types of mythology!

With powerful names like Thor and sweet names like Astrid (which literally means beautiful), there’s something for every breed.

Read on for 70 brilliant ideas for both male and female puppies!

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Norse Mythology Dog Names

Before you can decide if you want to choose a Norse mythology name for your dog, you need a little bit of background information on what exactly that is.

Norse myths originate from the Scandinavian and Germanic countries, eg. Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden and Finland (think Vikings).

Gods from these countries tend to be powerful and known to be physically well-built and strong.

So whether you have a small or large dog, the name will emphasize his or her strengths.

Male Norse Mythology Dog Names

Need a few great Norse mythology dog names for your furry little Viking? Check out our top 70 favorites for male & female pups!

To those who love the Avengers movies (myself included), you might be familiar with a Norse God by the name of Thor.

Think about his power and mightiness (since he claims to be the mightiest Avenger), and picture that for your dog.

Let’s dive into our list of top Norse mythology dog names for fur baby boys.

  1. Odin – Father of Thor, and ruler of Asgard. Sometimes referred to as “the all-father”. Pretty powerful if you ask me.
  2. Thor – God of Thunder, the son of Odin and prince of Asgard. Some might find him familiar from superhero movies.
  3. Tyr – The God of War in Norse Mythology, and perhaps the bravest of all gods.
  4. Balder – The God of Light, for the shining light in your life.
  5. Vidar – Thor’s half-brother and another son of Odin.
  6. Freyr – The God of Fertility.
  7. Heimdall – Heimdall is the guardian of the Bifrost.
  8. Forseti – The God of Justice.
  9. Bragi – God of Poetry and another son of Odin, half-brother of Thor and Vidar.
  10. Delling – God of the Sunrise. If you’re dog loves to wake you up in the mornings, this is a suitable name.
  11. Magni – The son of Thor.
  12. Modi – Son of Thor and Sif (she is also in the movies).
  13. Narfi – Son of Loki
  14. Loki – The God of Mischief
  15. Vali – Brother of Narfi
  16. Aegir – A giant, and Lord of the Ocean.
  17. Suttung – A giant
  18. Surtr – Often seen in the Thor movies as a dark and demon-like giant.
  19. Fenrir – A huge and ferocious wolf. Very fitting for a dog with a bad temper.
  20. Frey – God of Harvest
  21. Ragnarok
  22. Mjolnir – Thor’s hammer.
  23. Jotun – Giant
  24. Asgard – Why not name your dog after this powerful kingdom?
  25. Berserker – Yes, it’s Wolverine’s move, but it’s also a term for fearless Viking warriors.
  26. Valhalla
  27. Rune
  28. Ulf
  29. Magnus
  30. Olaf
  31. Bjorn
  32. Ironside
  33. Erik
  34. Ivar
  35. Leif
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Names such as Berserker, Tyr, and Mjolnir emphasize the strong and fierce characteristics of your dog.

However, for the more whimsical and clumsy pets why not choose Loki, Bragi or Suttung for more fun?

Now let’s zip on over to the other side of the coin and take a look at names for little girls.

Female Norse Mythology Dog Names

Need a few great Norse mythology dog names for your furry little Viking? Check out our top 70 favorites for male & female pups!

Females are equally as powerful and magnificent as males in Norse Mythology.

Viking women and their Goddesses were known to exude great power. Let’s take a look at some of the names, shall we?

  1. Skadi – The Goddess of Winter and Hunting. She was married to Odin.
  2. Hel – You might be more familiar with the name Hela, as seen in Thor:Ragnarok. She is the Queen of Helheim (the underworld).
  3. Hyrrokkin – An incredibly strong giantess.
  4. Brynhildor – A valkyrie (powerful female warrior)
  5. Eir – A healing Goddess, her name means “mercy”.
  6. Herja – Devastate
  7. Kara – The wild and stormy one.
  8. Mist
  9. Freya (Freyja/Freja) – Goddess of Love, War, Death, and Beauty. That’s a lot of responsibility!
  10. Sif – Goddess of Fertility
  11. Sigyn – A goddess married to Loki
  12. Fulla
  13. Irpa
  14. Nanna – Daring and brave.
  15. Saga- Goddess of Stories
  16. Syn – Her name means “refusal”.
  17. Frida – Queen
  18. Astrid – Beautiful
  19. Tove – Beautiful
  20. Sigrid – Victory
  21. Ran – Goddess of the Sea
  22. Laufey – Loki’s mother
  23. Jarnsaxa – Thor’s wife
  24. Weth – Goddess of Anger. For destructive fur babies.
  25. Verdandi – The Goddess who determines the destiny of all things.
  26. Snotra – While it’s not too pleasant to say, Snotra is the Goddess of Virtue and Knowledge.
  27. Laga
  28. Embla
  29. Bylgia
  30. Hlin – Protection
  31. Sol – Goddess of the Sun
  32. Var – Goddess of Promises
  33. Svalin – She shields the earth from Sol’s heat.
  34. Idunn
  35. Atla – Not a well-known Goddess, her name means “water”.
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While the names may not sound too feminine in our English language, they are beautiful in Norse mythology and are named after great leaders and Goddesses.

I know some of you might prefer the more girly sounding names such as Frida, Freya and another one we are familiar with, Astrid.

Try to find one that suits your fur baby girl in every way.

For boys, Frey, Rune and Thor (of course) are among our favorites.

For the females, we love Freya, Kara, Mist and Verdandi (we love the way this last one rolls off the tongue).

Which Norse mythology dog names did you like? Did we miss any that you know of? Let us know in the comments below!

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