New Video On Cleaning Eyes Area For Dogs

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Daily Eye Care For Lhasa Apso Dog Roxie

Daily Dog Eyes Care Tip

I thought that I would shoot a quick new video to show how we added another task to our daily grooming for my Lhasa Apso dog Roxie. Like many other dogs, Roxie has a tendency to develop discharges from her eyes that accumulate in the inside corners of eyes. If left unchecked, she gets these big dark discharge clumps that get caught on hairs near her eyes. When they harden up, they become very difficult to remove. Simply trying to remove these discharge clumps by pulling on them will just hurt your dog.

Prevention is the key here but if your dog already has these clumps around the eyes area, then the best way to remove them is to get the area soaking wet. This can be done in the bath or shower since these clumps will soften up if wet enough. Once they are really soft, you can start to slowly and gently remove them without causing any pain to your dog. Then you can also trim the hair near the eyes a bit shorter too.

As for prevention, we are now cleaning Roxie’s eyes every day as part of her daily grooming routine. Just take a cotton ball or even tissue paper that is saturated with water and squeeze some water around the eyes area where discharges tend to accumulate. It’s usually the inside corners of your dog’s eyes. Then gently wipe this area. Since it’s only water, this cleaning should not be painful to your dog at all. Here’s our video which demonstrates this cleaning of the eyes area.

Cleaning Dog Eyes Area

If you do this cleaning of the eyes area on your dog, discharges will be prevented from building up. We now do this in addition to brushing Roxie’s teeth, checking her ears and brushing her hair every single day. Obviously, your dog should be trained to cooperate with you for all grooming at home. Even though we didn’t start cleaning Roxie’s eyes until just recently, she’s been used to grooming since puppyhood so adding this additional task was not a problem.

Cooperation during grooming should be part of overall basic dog obedience training and if you have not seen it yet, we have a nice training video on this topic demonstrated by Roxie and her late brother Chester available for free along with many other useful videos we have. Just see the left sidebar of this blog page or the box right after this post for details on accessing our basic dog obedience training video.