10 Most Aloof Dog Breeds That Crave Independence

If you want a pup that can handle a little alone time, you’ll definitely want to check out these most aloof dog breeds!

Likewise, if you really want a super-cuddler, these are the breeds to avoid.

Whatever your reason for seeking out independent dogs, I’ve got you covered!

Read on for ten breeds that prefer their people to be more hands-off than hands-on!

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What Exactly Is an Aloof Dog?

Let me answer that by telling you what they aren’t first! Aloof dogs are not unloving or un-affectionate.

In fact, they can be among the most affectionate breeds…just on their own terms!

An aloof dog is one that’s happy to spend some time just doing his own thing rather than glued to your heels all day.

Now, that doesn’t mean that he never needs your attention!

It just means that if you have to work outside the home or focus on other tasks, he’s not going to have a meltdown.

What are the Most Aloof Dog Breeds

If you want a pup that can handle a little alone time, you'll definitely want to check out these most aloof dog breeds!

Before we launch into our list of the most aloof dog breeds, let me quickly say one more thing: all dogs are different!

While each of these breeds is known for its independent streak, there’s no guarantee that you won’t get a clingy dog instead.

Still, they are your best bet if you need a breed that can stand a little extra alone time!

1. Pharaoh Hound

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My girl Freya happens to be one of the most aloof dog breeds out there.

If you haven’t heard of them, don’t feel bad: I didn’t either until my aunt’s neighbor offered to give us one as a gift after losing my senior dogs.

Pharaoh Hounds are highly intelligent and energetic (much like the Greyhound). They also have an independent streak a mile long!

One of the oldest domestic dog breeds, these blushing beauties are reserved around strangers.

While they can be incredibly affectionate on their terms, they also need some time to just do their thing (which, for Freya, is usually hunting her arch-nemesis, Mr. Squirrel).

2. Basenji

The Basenji (aka the Barkless Dog) is another aloof breed that’s not really a big people-pleaser.

Again, he was bred to hunt, so he needed to develop an independent streak that allows him to work without constant supervision.

Like the Pharaoh Hound, he is capable of very quickly learning new commands…he just decides whether or not they’re worth following!

If you want a relatively quiet breed (he doesn’t bark but he does yodel!) that actually enjoys a little alone time, the Basenji is a great choice.

3. Berger Picard

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While the Berger Picard is extremely affectionate with his people, he’s quite aloof when it comes to strangers.

This ancient French sheepdog is also highly intelligent and has quite a stubborn streak.

As herding dogs, Berger Picards are happiest when they’re moving.

So while he can handle a little time on his own, it’s best if that time is spent exercising in your back yard.

4. Akita

The super-muscular Japanese spitz-like dog loves his quiet time alone. He’ll usually spend it grooming like a cat!

Good thing, too, as his dense double coat definitely needs a lot of tending to!

Akitas are natural guard dogs and will fiercely protect their families, so it’s incredible important to socialize them early.

While they’re typically quiet and serious, they do have a silly side that comes out around their people!

5. Tibetan Mastiff

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If you looked at that picture above and thought, “Holy canolli, that’s a big dog!” you’re not alone.

The Tibetan Mastiff definitely looks intimidating, but he’s a gentle giant…around his family.

He’s super calm and mellow around the house but very aloof and watchful when it comes to strangers.

Another guard dog personality, this big fluffball needs early socializing to teach him that the world isn’t out to get his people.

6. Chow Chow

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Let’s head from Japan over to China and meet the Chow! This muscular pup has a reputation for being both aloof and aggressive.

While it’s definitely true that he likes his alone time, well-trained Chows can be incredibly gentle and loving with their families.

Fun fact about the Chow: he’s almost as fastidious a groomer as the average cat!

He’s also a pretty mellow guy and adapts well to apartment life.

7. Shar-Pei

Say "hello" to the Miniature Shar-Pei - same great dog as the full-size breed, only in "mini-me" format! Read on to learn all about him!

Stick around in China and meet the wrinkly, wonderful Shar-Pei!

It’s easy to see why the AKC calls him a “one-of-a-kind companion and guardian dog.”

From that hippo-like snout to his blue tongue to those rolls and rolls of wrinkles, there’s no dog quite like the Shar-Pei.

They’re very serene and a bit aloof in general but can go into tenacious guard mode when they perceive a threat.

Again, early socialization can help with that.

8. Afghan Hound


The Afghan Hound is definitely the most elegant and regal of the most aloof dog breeds!

While he has a silly side, expect him to act as sophisticated as he looks!

Like the Pharaoh Hound (and all hounds, really), the Afghan has a very high prey drive that makes his recall skills a little lacking.

Beyond that, though, they’re people pleasers, which make them easier to train.

9. Shiba Inu

Is Shiba Inu hypoallergenic? Find out if this gorgeous Japanese dog breed is allergy friendly, plus learn everything you need to know about them!

Let’s head back to the land of the rising sun and say hello to the beautiful Shiba Inu.

Like the Akita, he’s a muscular champion of a dog with a confident personality.

Also, while he may not be a hound himself, the Shiba is another breed with a high prey drive that can never, ever be trusted off-leash. Ever.

10. Siberian Husky

One of my all-time favorites also happens to be one of the most aloof dog breeds.

Here’s the thing about his aloofness, though: it’s more like that of a mountain climber, avid hiker, or other outdoor activity enthusiast.

He loves his adventure and action, and he’s happy to just run free on his own, exploring his world.

When he’s done, though, he loves his family immensely and definitely lets you know when he needs attention!

These pups have an intense desire to run so they’re another breed that you shouldn’t let off-leash unless your well-contained (with a high fence!).

If you look through this list of the most aloof dog breeds, I think you’ll see a trend emerge.

For the most part, they’re all either hounds or working dogs.

Basically, hunting and working breeds needed to learn to think for themselves so they could perform the jobs for which they were bred.

They also needed to learn to work on their own without constant supervision.

Both of these traits translate to a more aloof dog than one that was bred specifically as a companion.

What are your thoughts on these most aloof dog breeds? Do you have any to add? Disagree with me on any of them? Share below!

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