7 Most Affectionate Large Dog Breeds

Curious to find out about the most affectionate large dog breeds?

Whether you’re searching for the best large dog breeds for families or just a cuddly pal for your single life, we’ve got you covered!

Today, we’re talking about the top 7 cuddle-bugs of the large-breed dog world.

Can you guess which is #1?

Take a moment to think about it, then read on to find out if you guessed right!

Most affectionate large dog breeds

Looking for the most affectionate large dog breeds? Check out the top 7 large pups who love a good cuddle with their people!

Some people find large dogs to be intimidating.

What they don’t know is that a lot of those giant pooches are big softies on the inside and want nothing more than to lie in your lap despite their giant size.

However, not all large dogs are equally affectionate. Some are more aloof, reserved, and independent.

While they love their human, they are in no hurry to show it to or acknowledge it.

So, if you’re looking for a large dog that will shower you with his love and devotion, here are 7 super affectionate large breeds.

I’ve highlighted what’s good and “bad” about each breed to help you make an informed choice. However, keep in mind that all dogs are unique!

#1 Labrador Retriever

If you're wondering

Labradors are the most popular dogs in the United States, a position they earn with their gentle temperament, playfulness, and intelligence.

Labrador Retrievers are among one of the most sensitive dogs you’ll ever find, which is why they do such an excellent job as therapy dogs.

They can be a bit clingy to their owners, but they make excellent companions for kids.

In addition to this, Labs get on well with everybody – strangers and animals alike.

So, they are hopeless as guarding dogs because they shower everybody they meet with love.

What’s good about Labradors:

  • Sweet and sensitive
  • Easy to train
  • Love children
  • Short coat
  • Get on well with other pets

What’s bad about Labradors:

  • High energy level
  • Shed like crazy
  • Have the potential for major health problems

# 2 Golden Retriever

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When we talk about the most affectionate dog breeds, we can’t miss the Golden Retriever.

Almost as popular as the Labradors, the Golden Retriever is a family dog who thrives among people and demands to be part of their lives.

Bred to be a hunter’s companion, the Golden Retriever loves nothing more than to have a job even if it’s something as simple as carrying or slippers or retrieving the morning paper.

In addition to this, the Golden Retriever is such a sweet-natured dog that he is not suitable for a watchdog.

While he might bark in the presence of strangers, it is far more likely that he will welcome them with a wagging tail. 

He is much more suitable as an emotional support dog.

What’s good about Golden Retrievers:

  • Cheerful temperament
  • Gets on well with everybody
  • Highly responsive to training

What’s bad about Golden Retrievers:

  • Shed a lot
  • Need quite a bit of exercise
  • Prone to cancer

#3 Newfoundland

If you’ve ever dreamed about having a big bear to cuddle, the Newfoundland is the perfect affectionate dog for you.

Despite its staggering size, the Newfoundland is truly a gentle giant who adores his human. It won’t be once or twice you find your dog attempting to lie in your lap or rest his 100 pounds on your feet. It’s not a dog that deals well with loneliness and boredom.

In addition to this, Newfoundland loves children and is naturally protective of them. Some owners joke that he is a natural-born babysitter. Remember Nana from Peter Pan?

What’s good about Newfoundland:

  • Magnificent coat
  • Gentle disposition
  • Loves children
  • Easy to train

What’s bad about Newfoundland:

  • Takes a lot of space
  • Not suitable for apartment
  • Sheds, drools, and slobbers

#4 Bloodhound

Bo close up

Despite its ominous name and reputation, the Bloodhound is one of the sweetest hounds you’ll ever encounter.

A Bloodhound loves people, adores children, and gets on well with other animals if properly socialized.

He might be a little shy towards strangers but never openly aggressive. Once you earn his trust, you will have an affection companion for life.

However, a Bloodhound is the definition of stubbornness. They do as they please and even when they follow commands, they do it in their own way.

In addition to this, Bloodhounds tend to follow scents oblivious of the dangers around them.

That’s why you need a fenced yard and should keep your Bloodhound leashed when going for walks.

What’s good about Bloodhounds?

  • Easy-to-care coat
  • Docile and affectionate
  • Independent
  • Gets on well with children and cats

What’s bad about Bloodhounds?

  • Shedding, drooling, and slobbering
  • Short lifespan
  • Prone to ear infections
  • Stubbornness

#5 Great Dane

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The Great Dane might look intimidating due to his size, but it’s really one of the most affectionate dog breeds in the world.

Once the Great Dane used to hunt wild boars and had the ferociousness to do it.

However, today, he is a sweet-natured dog who gets on well with children, pets, and people.

Even strangers have little to fear because a Great Dane is happy to meet new people and welcome them with a wagging tail.

Moreover, the Great Dane is eager to please and wants to be a part of all family activities. He’s not a dog that you can leave on its own unless you want to hear his power bark.

What’s good about Great Dane:

  • Looks scary but is non-aggressive
  • Sleek coat, easy to groom
  • Gentle with children
  • Easy to housetrain

What’s bad about Great Dane:

  • Takes a lot of space
  • Knocks things over by accident
  • Short lifespan
  • Drools and sheds

#6 Collie


A few dog breeds can be as affectionate and sweet-natured as a Collie.

This magnificent pooch has earned quite the reputation of being a loyal and devoted companion thanks to books and films.

As it turns out, Collies are as perceptive, intelligent, and sensitive as you’ve believed. They are excellent family dogs who are gentle, playful, and fond of children.

No matter what you do, the Collie will be right next to you and enjoy all family activities.

She’s not a dog that fares well alone in the backyard and needs to be close to her humans.

While Collies might bark at strangers, they are rarely aggressive and quickly warm up to people and get one well with cats.

Moreover, they are highly intelligent and love to learn new tricks. This quality makes them an excellent choice for novice owners.

What’s good about Collies?

  • Gentle and sweet-natured temperament
  • Gets on well with everybody
  • Easy to train
  • Requires moderate exercise

What’s bad about Collies?

  • Shed heavily
  • Requires frequent brushing
  • Barks when left alone for long

#7 Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain dog earns its place in the most affectionate large dog breeds with its sweet disposition, intelligence, eagerness to please, and devotion to the family.

Gentle with children and tolerant of other pets, the Bernese might be shy or aloof with strangers, but rarely aggressive.

This dog can be so sensitive that you can hurt his feeling without meaning to when you use harsh correction.

Bernese Mountain dogs are one of the best cold weather dogs due to their Switzerland heritage.

They are also used to performing hard jobs such as pulling carts or herd cattle.

They are not dogs who like to lazy around and need adequate exercises to burn off their endless energy supply.

In addition to this, these affectionate dogs are not happy when they are away from the family. They might express their unhappiness by barking, digging, or chewing.

What’s good about Bernese Mountain Dogs?

  • Beautiful, soft coat
  • Gentle and tolerant of children
  • Reacts well to positive reinforcement
  • Protective and devoted

What’s bad about Bernese Mountain Dogs?

  • Shedding and drooling
  • Short lifespan
  • Serious health issues
  • Separation anxiety

While immensely enjoyable to cuddle next to a large dog, you should ask yourself if you’re ready for this challenge.

That’s why I’ve highlighted what’s good and bad about each dog breed.

But choose either one of these most affection large dogs and you won’t regret it for a second because they will fill your life with joy, adventures, and mischiefs.

What do you think about these 7 most affectionate large dog breeds? Have you got any of them at home? Tell us more about them in the comment section.

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