Lhasa Apso Small Dog Walking Dreams –

lhasa apso small dog dreams
Lhasa Apso Roxie enjoying lake

Lhasa Apso Small Dog Dreams

So my 14 year old Lhasa Apso Roxie is still going out on hikes and outings with her doggie friends. She’s not fast anymore but still walks at a very steady pace. Although she sleeps most of the daytime now, I can tell that she is genuinely content and satisfied after every outing we go on with her friends which is still on average twice per week.

Something kind of new in terms of observation this past year is quite interesting. Roxie is now experiencing what I think are walking dreams. Unlike dog nightmares when we hear them yelp in their sleep (Roxie does get these from time to time as do most dogs), I’ve spotted her having these dreams when she does not make any vocal noise but her legs are moving like she’s still hiking with her friends. I call these walking dreams.

At least I hope these are dreams which are a direct result from her real outings out there which I know she enjoys. I’m hoping that these are good dreams for her and it makes me feel good that I’m still doing some really good things for her to keep her happy even at age 14.

I actually caught Roxie on video during a walking dream which is quite something to see. Also in this new video is her big time snoring which she has been doing for years. I’m still amazed how loud a little Lhasa Apso dog like Roxie can snore. Of course you can imagine that when she’s snoring that loud in my bedroom, I just have to wake her up so I can sleep!

Enjoy this new video!

Roxie on video with walking dreams plus snoring!


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