12 Large Dog Breeds You’ll Fall in Love With

In the world of big dogs, there are large dog breeds, then there are LARGE dog breeds.

We’re talking behemoth-sized beauties with a commanding presence, dogs that you can’t miss when you walk into a room.

While these guys definitely have a dominating stature, most of them are really gentle giants.

Check out a few of our favorite really large breed dogs that you’ll fall in love with!

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Gentle Giants: Large Dog Breeds You’ll Fall in Love

1. Saint Bernard

Quel Beau Saint Bernard à poil Long


Saint Bernard males average 28-35 inches in height and 140-180 pounds in weight while the females average 26-31 inches in height and 120-140 pounds in weight.

These dogs are nothing more than a huge lovable ball of fur!

Saint Bernard dogs love spending time with their family and are extremely loyal to them.

2. Bernese Mountain Dog

Large Dog Breeds You’ll Fall in Love With

Bernese Mountain Dog males average 25-28 inches in height and 86-110 pounds in weight while females average 23-26 inches in height and 79-100 pounds in weight.

These dogs are docile, self-assured and good-natured. They love to be outdoors as much as possible but do just fine indoors as well.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are also friendly with other people and other household pets.

3. Newfoundland

Large Dog Breeds You’ll Fall in Love With

Newfoundland males average 27-29 inches in height and 130-150 pounds in weight while females average 25-27 inches in height and 99-120 pounds in weight.

These dogs have a very calm nature to them. They are very loyal, sweet-tempered dogs that are great with children.

4. Bullmastiff

Hungover (color)

Bullmastiff males average 25-27 inches in height and 110-130 pounds in weight while females average 24-26 inches in height and 99-120 pounds in weight.

These dogs are quiet, calm and great with kids. They are not aggressive dogs but will protect their family if needed.

Bullmastiff dogs are also loving and loyal pets.

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5. Great Dane

Large Dog Breeds You’ll Fall in Love With

Great Dane males average 30-34 inches in height and 120-200 pounds in weight while females average 28-32 inches in height and 99-130 pounds in weight.

These dogs are often known as the gentle giant dog breed. They are very friendly with not only other people and other dogs, but also cats and other household pets.

Great Danes are very loving and good-natured.

6. Great Pyrenees

snow and sun

Who doesn’t love big fluffy white dogs? The Great Pyrenees resembles a loveable polar bear!

Due to their size, they might even be mistaken for one with males averaging 100-110 pounds and females at a slightly lower 85-100lbs.

These dogs were originally bred as sheep guardians and stand at 28 inches tall for females and 31 inches for males.

Their white coat and floppy ears make them very approachable appearance-wise, which reflects their calm nature.

They are an affectionate and loyal breed, but due to their years of breeding, they are also extremely independent. 

7. Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute Pup

It’s hard to believe that these adorable poofy fur babies are one of the oldest dog breeds.

Originally bred for search and rescue purposes, the Alaskan Malamute is a hefty-sized dog!

With females are generally 23 inches tall weighing in at 75 pounds while the males can reach 25 inches tall and 85 pounds.

However, the giant Alaskan Malamutes can weigh over 100 pounds and even up to 150 pounds!

They require ample exercise and a large space to grow. These adorable canines love meeting new people, making new friends are very social, energetic, and loving.

8.  Black Russian Terrier

Black Russian Terrier (블랙 러시안 테리어)


The Black Russian Terrier sort of resembles a Scottish Terrier, but much larger in size.

The males can stand as tall as 29 inches and the females at 28, making them a very tall breed indeed.

Their height also contributes to how much they weigh, with males being around 110-132 pounds while the females are slightly lighter at 99 to 110 pounds.

They are considered a calm and confident giant breed, but they can also be quite stubborn and lazy at times.

That’s okay because they are quite easily trained and are highly intelligent. They are fearless companions that will always protect you. 

9. Komondor

Crufts 2019: NEC, Birmingham: 08-March 2019


These adorable sheepdogs have the unfortunate appearance of a mop. Their coat is very unique which requires a lot of grooming.

They are a smaller giant breed with males weighing at 80 to 100 pounds and the females at 70-80. However, they are tall dogs standing at 26 to 28 inches for both genders.

Their special coat and distinctive look makes these protectors one of a kind.

They love their family and are fiercely guarded from strangers.

Much like the Great Pyrenees, these dogs were bred to be guardians and this personality trait has been passed down through the years.

10. Bloodhound

Bloodhound Trials Feb 2008 -79

Hunting and trailing dogs such as the dogs from the hound group can be very patient and gentle.

These mild-mannered giants are great with children and have a highly sensitive nose. They are determined animals with an independent streak.

The males generally come in at 25 to 27 inches tall weighing anywhere from 90 to 130 pounds. The females of the breed range from 23 o 25 inches tall weighing 80 to 100 pounds.

Be advised that these dogs can carry a tune like no other. Bloodhounds are known to howl, making them quite an expressive breed. 

11. Leonberger

Grupp 2 LEONBERGER, C.I.B. NO V&NORD V-14 NO V-15 NORD UCH SE JV-13 SE V-14 -15 Namupalan Bling Smack Chap

This is not a breed we often hear about, and they are very underrated gentle giants. The Leonberger originates from Germany, and are the namesake of the town Leonberg.

This regal breed often belonged to German nobility and celebrities and posed for renowned German artists.

Despite their alarming size, they are incredibly affectionate and friendly.

They have a strong bond with their family members but are also accepting and happy to make new friends. They show their love through slobbery kisses and furry cuddles.

12. Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound Show 003


The Irish Wolfhound could be one of the largest giant breeds with males standing at 32 inches tall and females at a slightly shorter 30 inches.

Males can weigh anywhere between 120 – 155 pounds with the females at about 105-135.

They are this large for a reason, they were bred for coursing wolves and elk, which we know are much larger animals.

This powerful breed is not only strong and protective, they also have a softer side too. Irish Wolfhounds are gentle, noble and loving.

If you are considering one of these wiry-haired fur babies, you need to mind their gigantic size and find a way to give them a comfortable home.

Do you have any of these gentle giants? Which large breed dog do you absolutely adore? Tell us in the comments!



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