100 Brilliant Italian Greyhound Names

Looking for the best Italian Greyhound names for your new pup?

Whether you’re hunting for Italian names for Greyhounds or names for Italian Greyhounds (two totally different things, same results!), we’ve got you covered!

Below, you’ll find 100 brilliant ideas- 50 each for boys & girls- that beautifully express either your Italian culture or that of your miniature Greyhounds!

If you’re already confused, don’t worry, we’ll quickly talk about the difference between an Italian Greyhound and a “regular” Greyhound before getting to the names.

Greyhound vs. Italian Greyhound

When I saw a question asking for the best Italian Greyhound names, I had to ask myself, “do they mean Italian names for Greyhounds, or names for Italian Greyhounds?”

I mean, those are two totally different questions, right?

Fortunately, both questions have the same answers, but let’s talk about the differences between the two, anyway.

What are Greyhounds?

Greyhounds are slick, sleek, lean running machines originally bred for hunting small game.

They stand between 27-30″ tall (depending on their gender, males are typically taller) and are known for their running skills.

In fact, they’re so fast that they’re used as racing dogs, although thankfully that practice is being phased out.

Fast as they are graceful, the Greyhound is an agile and affectionate pet.

So if you are looking to add one of these sleek canines to your family, you must find a name fitting for these elegant creatures.

Not only are they extremely athletic, the Greyhound also ranks incredibly high on the friendliness scale.

They are affectionate, kid and dog-friendly, and also welcoming to strangers.

They’re not, however, all that terrific with cats and other small animals unless they’re raised with them. Remember, they were bred to hunt small game!

What are Italian Greyhounds?

What are Italian Greyhounds?

Italian Greyhounds, on the other hand, stand at barely over a foot tall, averaging between 13-15″ (again, with males hitting the higher end).

Aside from their size (and AKC classification, as they are in the Toy vs the Hound group), they share many of the same qualities as their larger counterparts.

They’re friendly, inquisitive, intelligent, affectionate, and agile.

Like their larger friends, they’re also very active and high-energy…but at the same time they do love their snuggle time on the couch.

Since they are significantly smaller and more fragile, as much as they like kids, they’re not a good fit for roughhousing toddlers.

If you are still confused, this article does a great job of summing up the differences between the two.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s look at ideas that work whether you’re looking for Italian Names for Greyhounds or names for Italian Greyhounds!

Male Italian Greyhound Names

Looking for the best Italian Greyhound names? We've got you covered! Check out 100 beautiful ideas straight out of Italy that we adore!

Finding male Italian Greyhound names was a cinch, as there are just so many great sources to draw from.

Below, you’ll find brilliant ideas inspired by traditional Italian boy names, beautiful Italian words with fabulous meanings, and more.

Let’s check them out!

1. Ig or Iggy – the nickname of many Italian Greyhounds.
2. Cario – Meaning caring, which many Greyhounds are.
3. Marco
4. Rocco – A dog who likes to rest will suit this name.
5. Piccolo – Small, perfectly suited to the small Italian Greyhound.
6. Massimo – Great. Just like your dog will surely be.
7. Guido
8. Bambino – Baby. Of course your dog will be the baby of the family.
9. Leonardo – Lion, just as strong as your dog will be.
10. Vito
11. Tito
12. Giuseppe
13. Lucca – Light
14. Angelo
15. Mario
16. Adriano
17. Alfredo
18. Alessandro – Defender of man, any large and tough dog is.
19. Antonio
20. Angelo – Angel. It just sounds that much more tough in Italian, doesn’t it?
21. Dino
22. Emilio
23. Lorenzo or Enzo
24. Gavino – White hawk
25. Giancarlo
26. Gino – Noble, a good trait for a dog to have.
27. Giovanni
28. Lucan – Also meaning “light”. Your dog will be your light.
29. Marcello
30. Marquise – A noble ranking – below a duke and above an earl.
31. Orlando
32. Raphael
33. Romeo – For the romantic owners.
34. Rinaldo
35. Sergio – Attendant, though your dog will definitely mean more than that to you.
36. Carmello
37. Matteo
38. Riccardo
39. Andrea – Meaning manly. Hey, a dog can be manly!
40. Dino
41. Fiorello
42. Franco – French
43. Gavino
44. Fabian
45. Luigi
46. Michelangelo
47. Luciano – Another one for “light”.
48. Gabriel
49. Dominic
50. Francesco

You will have noticed there are many renditions of the word “light” in Italian.

We figured a dog brings light into our lives and make our days brighter.

You’ll also note that many of the names above are easily changed from male to female by either swapping the “o” for an “a” or adding an “a” to the end.

For example, if you simple adore the name Gabriel but want a more “girly” name for your dog, just add an “a” and make it Gabriela!

That said, the Italian language already has a ton of gorgeous feminine names, so let’s check out our favorites!

Female Italian Greyhound Names

Looking for the best Italian Greyhound names? We've got you covered! Check out 100 beautiful ideas straight out of Italy that we adore!

Again, we drew from the veritable cornucopia of gorgeous Italian names for girls as well as from the language itself to come up with these ideas.

1. Aurora – Wonderful dawn. One of our favorites.
2. Giorgia
3. Giulia
4. Softia
5. Martina – Warlike woman. Your Greyhound girl sure is tough enough to be one.
6. Allegra
7. Aria – Lion of the Lords/air.
8. Bambina – Baby girl
9. Belladonna – Beautiful girl. Which your dog surely is.
10. Bobina
11. Brandi
12. Caelia – Heavenly
13. Capri
14. Cara –Dear one; dear lady
15. Carolina – Song of joy and happiness
16. Bella
17. Celestina – Heavenly
18. Clementina
19. Contessa – Royalty. Your dog will be treated like one in your family. Am I right?
20. Demetra – Goddess of Harvest
21. Donata – Given by God. I’m sure you will feel that way about your Greyhound.
22. Elisabetta
23. Fabiana
24. Feliciana – Fortunate lady. Which your dog will be in your care.
25. Gabrianna
26. Gianina
27. Giovanna – Gift from God. Need I say more?
28. Leona – Lioness
29. Lucetta – Light and grace
30. Lucia
31. Lucrezia
32. Madonna
33. Mattea – The Lord’s gift
34. Monalisa – The famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci
35. Paolina
36. Pietra – Rock solid. Many aspects of your fur baby will be this, one of which including their loyalty to you.
37. Riviera
38. Rosetta
39. Simona
40. Stefania – She who wears the crown. Much like a princess or queen, or in other words, your dog.
41. Tasha
42. Vianca
43. Lucinda
44. Ferrari – You know your Greyhound is fast enough to be worthy of the name.
45. Franca
46. Gema
47. Giordana
48. Donatella
49. Elda – A born warrior
50. Caprice

Similar to our male Greyhound name list, there are lots of names such as Lucia, Lucinda and Lucrezia, which mean light.

Other names such as Stefania, Feliciana, and Cara illustrate what role your dog will play in your family.

Our favorites including Aurora, Elisabetta, Paolina, and Aria not only have wonderful meanings but sound pretty as well.

Your turn! What are your favorite Italian Greyhound names from our list? Share below!

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