Get Outdoors With Your Dog During Social Distancing Because Of COVID-19

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Get Outdoors During COVID-19 Pandemic Social Distancing

Like hopefully most responsible people during this time of COVID-19 or the corona virus pandemic, I’m practising social distancing. In fact, after I returned back to Canada from a ski trip in Montana, I went under a voluntary self isolation for 14 days (I’m currently in day 4 as I’m writing this blog post) as it’s the responsible thing to do even though I have no symptoms and where I was skiing in Montana was pretty isolated and not visited by many international visitors. If only I had my Lhasa Apso dog Roxie with me, I would have like to stay in Montana longer since it was much less anxious there than coming home to the Toronto area in Ontario where one can really sense the widespread panic in the big city air.

But as our Canadian government strongly advised, I’m returned back to Canada. However, just because we are all doing social distancing or even self isolation, this doesn’t mean that we have to remain indoors 24 hours per day, especially for us who have dogs. Although Roxie is totally potty trained to use her indoor dog litterbox without the need to go outside to do her business, I don’t want to keep her cooped up inside the house all day and all night.

Benefits Of Being Outdoors During COVID-19 Pandemic

Sure I can just let her outside in our backyard area for a few minutes but we can do much better than that. There’s still a lot of nature out there to enjoy and the benefits are many especially when it’s a nice day out there. The temperatures are warming up to spring weather and the ice has melted making the sidewalks and trails easy to walk on again.

Birds have returned in full force and are chirping away everywhere. Plus there’s actually not a lot of people out there as many parks, nature trails and even residential sidewalks are empty. Getting outside for a walk will get some much needed vitamin D, fresh air, exercise and just overall goodness for the soul and well being. This not only benefits us but also our dogs as well. I can tell as Roxie just seems more content after a nice walk outside even without her doggie friends around since our small dogs group has postponed all our outings for now.

So get in your car with your dogs if you need to travel a bit or if you are lucky enough to be close enough to nature, just get outside with your dogs. For now, it’s advised not to be in contact with other dog owners and their dogs out there but as long as all dogs are on leash, everyone out there should understand the continued need for proper social distancing. The fact is that it is totally possible to get out there to enjoy the outdoors while proper social distancing procedures are in place. So no reason for you and your dog to remain inside all the time. Just be safe.