80 Funny Girl Dog Names That Will Make You LOL

Looking for the best funny girl dog names that will make you laugh out loud?

You’re going to love our list!

Today, we’ll check out 80 ideas that range from clever & mildly amusing to downright hilarious!

Let’s check them out, shall we?

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Top 80 Best Funny Girl Dog Names

If you're looking for the best funny girl dog names, you’ll laugh out loud at our list of 80 hilarious ideas! Check it out!

When you first get a new fur baby, you need to think of a name.

Some of us like to go with a clever name that reflects his or her appearance, we might think to name them after someone we care about or our interests.

A popular one is to find a name suitable in a different language (like these charming French dog names), and of course, some of us may just want a funny name.

If you’re the latter, then have we got a treat for you. We have come up with some funny names just for little fur baby girls.

Funny Femae Dog Names

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Funny words can be taken from the English language to name your dog. You can even play on some words and sounds.

It took us a while to find dog names that are not only funny but clever too. Give it a read and let us know what you think!

Now a lot of these are unisex so if you have two fur babies of different genders you can find something for your boy as well.

Ready? Here it goes, in no specific order:

  1. Kewpie – A little like cutie pie but it rolls off the tongue better.
  2. Joan of Bark – After the strong French heroine who has since been deemed a Catholic saint.
  3. Pee Wee – Not so much after Pee Wee Herman, but more for little ladies.
  4. Winnie the Poodle – For cute roley poley poodles (bonus if she likes honey!).
  5. Winnie the Pooch
  6. Spark Pug – For the high energy pugs.
  7. Mary Puppins – Perfect for those who watch over your kids at home.
  8. Sarah Jessica Barker – Are you a fan of Sex and the City? Bonus if Sarah and Jessica are meaningful people in your life.
  9. Yoda – Seemingly male in the Star Wars movies, but could easily be a girl’s name since it ends in “a”.
  10. Alfalfa – Little Rascals, anyone?
  11. Ladybug
  12. Cookie Monster – Dogs shouldn’t eat cookies, but we know they’ll love them if they could.
  13. Tiny – Funny only for a big dog.
  14. Peanut – Same as above
  15. Kitty – How do you feel about naming her after a dog’s natural enemy?
  16. Meatball
  17. Lady Barks-a-lot – Like Sir Lancelot but doggified.
  18. Miss Furbulous – Because we know she’s fabulous
  19. Catherine Zeta Bones – This one got us laughing
  20. Ellen Degeneruff
  21. Woofie Goldberg
  22. Virginia Woof – The famed English writer. Even though her name is already fitting (Virginia Woolfe).
  23. Sniffy Longdroppings – We do hope she doesn’t like to sniff long droppings.
  24. Dogzilla
  25. Munchkin – Again, better for big dogs.
  26. Nugget – Same as above.
  27. Cupcake – Yummy
  28. Pup Tart – This one is adorable.
  29. Won Ton
  30. Puddin’- For Harley Quinn and the popular movie Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey.
  31. Princess- An obvious but classic one.
  32. Beatrix Pawter – Another English writer.
  33. Candy
  34. Cocoa
  35. Cinnamon
  36. Pickle
  37. Tater tot
  38. Lady Pipsqueak
  39. Lisa Vanderpup – After the beautiful former English actress.
  40. Mochi
  41. Doodle
  42. Pumpkin
  43. Perdita – From 101 Dalmatians
  44. Hermione – This is great if you have Hairy Pawter at home.
  45. Sprout
  46. Arugula
  47. Pita
  48. Binky
  49. Muttilda – Matilda is a little girl with magic powers. Let’s hope your dog doesn’t have any and causes chaos in your house.
  50. Queen of Barkness – Especially fitting if your little girl likes to bark throughout the night.
  51. Jellybean
  52. Diva – If your dog really is one.
  53. Marshmallow
  54. Snowflake
  55. Chiquita
  56. Smooches
  57. Jessica Rabbit – Because clearly she’s not a rabbit.
  58. Rapunzel – If your dog has long golden locks.
  59. Scarlett O’Haira – The leading lady in Gone with the Wind.
  60. Scratchy
  61. Billie Howliday
  62. Diggy Azalea – Does your dog like to bark along to her beats?
  63. Katy Pawry – To match your cat named Kitty Purry
  64. Rosa Barks
  65. Queen Elizabark – After the reigning matriarch of the House of Windsor.
  66. Tina Spay – Does your dog make you laugh often like Tina Fey does?
  67. Vera Fang – For a touch of elegance like the designer.
  68. Princess and the Pee
  69. Lady Von Scuttlebutt
  70. Droolina – If your dog likes to drool all over you.
  71. Doody von Poopster
  72. Lady Lapdog – For lazy and calm fur babies that just lie around all day.
  73. Madame Yaps-a-Lot
  74. Porkchop
  75. January Bones
  76. Jennifer Pawrence – Since we know your dog fights for food and wouldn’t last long in the Hunger Games.
  77. Mariah Hairy – If your dog has a great singing voice
  78. Lady Dogiva – Mmmm chocolate anyone? Although dogs can’t have chocolate.
  79. Tinkerbell
  80. Jane Pawsten

It took quite a lot of brain and searching power to compile a list full of funny dog vocabulary-related celebrity names.

Among our favorites are those named after fictional characters such as Mary Puppins, Winnie the Pooch and Muttilda.

Ones named after iconic females in history like Joan of Bark, Jane Pawsten and Beatrix Pawter are also very clever.

However, we must say that our favorite are the ones named after modern celebrities such as Katy Pawry, Mariah Hairy, January Bones and Diggy Azalea.

Which one was your favorite? They are all so cute and clever we know it’s hard to choose.

Tell us below which are your favorite funny girl dog names? Which was the most clever and which made you laugh?

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