Top 100 Funny Boy Dog Names

If you’re looking for the best funny boy dog names for your comedic canine companion, we’ve got you covered!

A lot of us pride ourselves on being clever when we name our new fur baby addition to the family.

The comedy can come from a play on words of real celebrity names, names of food, or just from cute words and adorable characters.

If you want to put a smile on the person’s face when you first divulge the name of your pup, then this list is for you!

We have once again done the legwork to find monikers that will not only crinkle the corners of one’s eyes but hopefully also bring a smile to your lips.

Funny Boy Dog Names

We’ve chosen names from the English language. We also really enjoy all the names with dog vocabulary that sound like real words or real names.

Below are some of the names for fur baby boys that we found very amusing.

If you're looking for the best funny boy dog names for your comedic canine companion, we've got you covered! Check out our top 100 favorites!
  1. Doogie Howler (Howsler) M.D. – If you’re a fan of Neil Patrick Harris, you must know this character.
  2. Santa Paws – With Christmas around the corner, bring home a bit of festive fun with this name.
  3. Spark Pug – More of a unisex name, for those dogs who have high energy.
  4. Chew Barka – Are you a fan of Star Wars?
  5. Ozzy Pawsborne – For the eccentric pups.
  6. Prince of Barkness – Works well if you have a Princess of Barkness too.
  7. Droolius Caesar – For the rulers of the household.
  8. Furdinand
  9. Hairy Pawter
  10. Jimmy Chew – Love this name because it virtually sounds the same!
  11. The Notorious D.O.G
  12. Scooter – If he often scoots his butt.
  13. Cookie Monster – For those who often get into the cookie jar without permission.
  14. Deputy Dawg
  15. Sir Barks-a-Lot – For those who like to voice their emotions.
  16. Underdog
  17. Frodo – For those who are determined.
  18. Rambo
  19. Shredder – Like in Ninja Turtles, or for those who shred everything in sight.
  20. Terminator – A step above Shredder, Terminator eliminates the target. (We just hope it isn’t your shoes).
  21. T-Bone – Mmmm, yummy steak!
  22. Tiny – But for big dogs.
  23. Waffle
  24. Burrito
  25. Taco
  26. Butters
  27. Padoodle or Doodle – It’s even cuter if you have a poodle.
  28. Sir Wigglebottom
  29. Mr. Sheddington
  30. Mr. McFluff
  31. Lord Wagglesworth
  32. Captain Pawson
  33. 50 Scent – Very clever indeed.
  34. Boba Fetch – Another Star Wars reference
  35. Dumbledog
  36. Andy Warhowl
  37. Winnie the Pooch
  38. Sherlock Bones – For the sly detective dog who always seems to seek out what he shouldn’t.
  39. Snoop Dawgg
  40. Kanye Westie – If you have a Westie.
  41. Mr. Licks-a-Lot
  42. Sir Poops-a-Lot – We can go on all day with these ones.
  43. Pup Tart – For the extra cute and sweet ones.
  44. Indiana Bones
  45. Sub Woofer
  46. Lil Bow Wow – Because Snoop and he made it easy for us.
  47. Fleasy E – For Easy-E.
  48. Bill Furry – This one got us laughing, named after the Ghostbuster.
  49. Groucho Barks
  50. Meat Loaf
  51. Sir Loin
  52. S’more
  53. Buzz Pawldrin – The former astronaut, great for dogs who are out of this world.
  54. Puppaccino – For the coffee drinkers.
  55. Santa’s Little Helper – For the Simpsons lovers.
  56. Abracadabra – For the dogs that manage to turn a clean house into chaos in under a minute.
  57. Beethoven – After the famous dog with the same name.
  58. Benji – The smart terrier with movies with the same name.
  59. Bingo
  60. Blue
  61. Watson – The sidekick to your Sherlock Holmes.
  62. Spock – For the Trekkies
  63. Captain Kirk
  64. Clifford – The big red dog.
  65. Snowball – For black dogs.
  66. Soot – For white dogs.
  67. Garfield – The famous orange cat, but for your dog.
  68. Dogzilla
  69. Hot Dog – The yummy food and after Jughead’s dog.
  70. Pawcasso – For dogs who get into things and smear it all over your walls. It could be art!
  71. Fresh Prints – For Will Smith fans.
  72. Pupsqueak – For big dogs.
  73. Scrappy Doo – Scooby Doo
  74. Anderson Pooper
  75. Chewy Lewis
  76. Bark Vader
  77. Bark Ruffalo
  78. Billie Hollidog
  79. Bark Wahlberg
  80. Billy Grrrystal
  81. Brad Pitt Bull
  82. Canine West – If Kanye Westie isn’t your thing.
  83. Collie Firth
  84. CoCo Kennel
  85. Howl Jackman
  86. Corgi Cox – After the friend.
  87. Drool Barrymore
  88. Excalifur
  89. Heath Fetcher – For the iconic man who played the Joker.
  90. Jabba the Mutt
  91. James Earl Bones – For the dogs with a deep baritone bark.
  92. Jude Paw
  93. Lick Jagger
  94. L.L. Drool J
  95. Mutt Damon
  96. Nine Inch Tails
  97. Spaniel Craig – For the Cocker Spaniels that love James Bond.
  98. Jon Bone Jovi
  99. Furcules
  100. Bilbo Waggins
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The celebrity dog puns are our favorite, but we also managed to find some cute names that illustrate a dog’s tendencies (Scooter and Barks-a-Lot) as well as ones after food (Meatball, Burrito, and Taco).

Names and puns after cute characters such as Cookie Monster, Bilbo Waggins and Fresh Prints (of Bel Air) also caught our attention.

Which one was your favorite?  I know this is a tough question since there so many clever and humorous names on our list.

Our favorites are Excalifur, Santa Paws, Jabba the Mutt, Furcules, Spaniel Craig, and the list goes on and on.

Tell us your favorite funny boy dog names in the comments below!

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