100 Charming French Dog Names

French dog names are quite popular, so it’s no wonder you’re looking for them!

They sound oh-so very classy and romantic, don’t they?

Sure, they may require you to roll your tongue and do things you have never done before in terms of pronunciation!

But you will end up with an elegant and graceful name befitting of your chien doux (sweet dog)!

Keep reading for our top 100 favorite male and female French names for dogs!

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Male French Dog Names

French dog names are quite popular, so it's no wonder you're looking for them! Check out 50 charming ideas for male dogs!

French is a romantic language, with many males coming out of that country having romanticism unsurpassed by other countries.

Let’s see if we can find a passionate name for them as well.

  1. Amoureux – Lover
  2. Andre – Warrior. Your dog will go to war for you, you know that.
  3. Baldoin – Brave friend. What a better name for your dog?
  4. Adrien – Dark. Dark-haired or a dark personality, whichever one fits.
  5. Andre – Manly
  6. Achille
  7. Alain
  8. Louis – A name fit for a king.
  9. Arthur
  10. Alexandre
  11. Beau – Handsome. Your dog definitely is deserving of this name.
  12. Edouard
  13. Henri
  14. Jacques
  15. Leon – Lion. Give this name to a courageous dog
  16. Lucien – Light. For the light of your life.
  17. Noir – Black
  18. Blanc – White
  19. Philippe – A name worthy of a prince.
  20. Pierre
  21. Remy
  22. Sebastien
  23. Stephane
  24. Paris
  25. Lyon
  26. Monet – The famous painter. Your dog will make your life colorful
  27. Napoleon
  28. Pascal
  29. . Noel
  30. Baron
  31. Damien
  32. Dartagnan – One of the Three Muskateers
  33. Devereaux
  34. Francois – Free
  35. Gil – Happiness. Your dog is the source of your happiness.
  36. Jean
  37. Jules – Youthful, we hope your dog remains young always.
  38. Lamar – The sea, for those who love to swim.
  39. Lowell – Young wolf. What better than to name your dog after its ancestors?
  40. Bastien – Well-respected and well-guarded.
  41. Bayley
  42. Benoit
  43. Coeur – Heart. Where your dog lives
  44. Gaspard
  45. Rainier – An advice giver. We all turn to our dogs sometimes.
  46. Renault
  47. Renee
  48. Thebault
  49. Theiry
  50. Valentin – Strength

You might notice some similarities with Italian names and other Latin based names we have listed before.

However, with French names, they just seem to roll so nicely off the tongue don’t they?

We have found with French words, there are more than ever that describe what a dog means to us humans. Happy choosing!

Now some of the names above can be unisex, but we have also compiled a list of names just for little dainty girls who want a bit of French flair.

Female French Dog Names

French dog names are quite popular, so it's no wonder you're looking for them! Check out 50 charming ideas for female dogs!
  1.  Adele – Like the powerful singer, and noble like your dog
  2.  Adrienne
  3.  Amelie
  4.  Angeline – Angel
  5.  Antoinette
  6.  Aurelie
  7.  Louise – A renowned fighter, just like your dog will be for you
  8.  Avril – If your fur baby is born in April
  9.  Belle – Beauty Who wouldn’t want a name like this one?
  10.  Bibiane – Energetic, like most healthy dogs
  11.  Bijou – For the jewel in your heart
  12.  Blanche
  13.  Blisse – Joy and delight
  14.  Brie
  15.  Cadence
  16.  Chantelle
  17.  Charmaine
  18.  Cher – An iconic name, just like the singer herself
  19.  Clementine
  20.  Emmaline
  21.  Estee – Star, for the shining star in your life
  22.  Fae – A confident girl
  23.  Guinivere – A majestic name fit for a Queen
  24.  Isabella
  25.  Jasmine – Like the flower
  26.  Jeslyn – Blessed with wealth and beauty
  27.  Jolie – Pretty
  28.  Leona – Brave lioness
  29.  Lisette
  30.  Desiree – Desired Of course, your dog is desired!
  31.  Esme – After the vampire from Twilight, but it also means esteemed and loved
  32.  Fleur – Flower, and a popular literary dog name for fans of Harry Potter!
  33.  Gigi
  34.  Giselle
  35.  Gabrielle
  36.  Paris
  37.  Parfait – The food, but also perfect!
  38.  Papillon – Butterfly Also the name of a dog breed
  39.  Sabine
  40.  Soleil – Sun, because your dog brings so much light into your life
  41.  Sylvie
  42.  Therese
  43.  Violette
  44.  Vivienne
  45.  Yvette
  46.  Mireille
  47.  Nadine – A trustful relationship, how better to describe the bond you have with your dog?
  48.  Nicolette
  49.  Raina
  50.  Zoe

I must say, looking down this list all of the names sound like something magical.

From flowers like Jasmine and Fleur, to words like Parfait, Papillon, Esme and Desiree, your dog will be lucky to have a name like these.

If you have a very graceful and sophisticated female fur baby, we hope you choose one from the list above.

That wraps up our French dog names. Did you enjoy the list and what do you think about the names we chose?

Which other ones would you add to the list? Have you met a pup with one of these French dog names? Let us know down below!

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