Dog Owner Comment On FDA Warning About Grain Free Dog Food With Legumes –

My beautiful boy Chester

FDA Warning About Grain Free Dog Food With Legumes

My last blog post was about the FDA investigation on dog food with possible link to DCM or dilated cardiomyopathy. They listed 16 brands of premium dog food all grain free and most of them containing legumes such as peas and lentils. The following is the list of the sixteen brands cited.

Taste of the Wild
Earthbound Holistic
Blue Buffalo
Nature’s Domain
California Natural
Natural Balance
Nature’s Variety
Rachael Ray Nutrish

My Chester and Roxie were on Acana for many years which is the most frequent brand cited in this FDA investigation. After that last blog post, I felt that I just had to shoot a video about it to do my part in making other dog owners aware of the issue. I had already spread the news to my small dog group. So here is the resulting video.

Dog Owner Comment On FDA Warning On Grain Free Dog Food

As I mentioned in the above video, I’m just sharing my own comment on the FDA warning on grain free dog food with legumes based on our own experience with what happened to our beloved boy Chester last year. Chester’s treatment team included two vet cardiologists and they both highly recommended that ALL dogs, large and small, are taken off grain free dog food especially those containing legumes like peas and lentils.

I know it doesn’t make sense why vegetables like legumes would be potentially harmful since these are after all, good for us. But looks like not everything that is good for us would be good for our dogs as well. Now it’s up to all dog owners to make the best decisions for their dogs.

All Dog Training Videos Still Available

To honour the memory of our boy Chester whom we miss like crazy each and every day, I’ve decided to continue to make all the videos he and his sister Roxie were in available online. Although Chester is no longer with us, he is still in a position to teach a lot about dog training to dog owners out there which in turn will help them have happy long lives with their dogs.

So these videos cover everything from basic dog obedience to dog health and of course our specialty, indoor potty training with dog litterbox systems. In addition, Chester and Roxie are in a ton of entertaining videos with their doggie friends. Just do a YouTube search with terms like ‘Clint Cora dogs’ and you should be able to find them.


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