90 Beautiful Egyptian Dog Names for Male & Female Pups

If you’re searching for some of the most spectacular Egyptian dog names, we’ve got you covered!

There was a time when Egypt was vastly explored in Hollywood movies, with films such as The Mummy, The Prince of Egypt and many more.

Maybe watching those movies gave you some inspiration or you are simply fascinated with their ancient and rich culture.

Whatever the reason, we have some Egyptian dog name ideas for your fur baby boy and girl.

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Male Egyptian Dog Names

If you're searching for some of the most spectacular Egyptian dog names, we've got you covered! Check out 45 for male pups!

For some reason, we feel Egyptian names taken from Gods or Pharaohs just give your dog a sense of regalness and masculinity.

Find one that matches your dog’s aura from the list below!

  1. Pharaoh – The King of Egypt. A pharaoh has power over all the land and it’s people. We’ll bet money your dog rules your house the same way.
  2. Ra – God of the Sun
  3. Osiris – A wise and good Pharaoh, the son of Geb and Nut.
  4. Set – Often portrayed with a dog face, Set was the King of Evil (name with caution).
  5. Horus – Son of Isis and Osiris, the hero who eventually defeated Set.
  6. Anubis – Also often portrayed with a dog face and often makes an appearance in movies, Anubis is the God of Funerals and Death.
  7. Khufu – A tyrannical ruler, but built the Pyramid of Giza.
  8. Ramses – Possibly the greatest and most powerful Pharaoh ever.
  9. Ka – Spirit or soul
  10. Nile – The great river.
  11. Moses
  12. Oasis
  13. Cairo – Capital of Egypt
  14. Tut – After King Tutankhamen
  15. Imhotep – Peace. Although you might realize it was the name of the antagonist/super-villain of The Mummy movies.
  16. Kahotep – Peaceful
  17. Khalid – Immortal. The name has been modernized by a rapper.
  18. Mihos
  19. Nephi – Good son. Perfect for good little male fur babies.
  20. Seth – God of Chaos
  21. Luxor – A main temple
  22. Skylar – Meaning sky.
  23. Karim – Noble and generous
  24. Omar
  25. Bast
  26. Mosiah
  27. Ozymandias – King of Kings
  28. Zosar
  29. Hasani
  30. Wallis -Newborn
  31. Shu – God of Air
  32. Saa – God of Nature
  33. Omorose – Beautiful child
  34. Omari – High born. Which is true since your dog is the king of the house.
  35. Jabari – You might recognize this word from the movie Black Panther, while it means “brave and fearless” in African, it has Egyptian origins.
  36. Bastet – While it is the name of a cat goddess, it sounds more like a masculine name in the modern world.
  37. Amon – The great God of Thebes.
  38. Net – The Divine Mother. Who said you can’t name little boys after female deities?
  39. Adom – Like Adam, but the Egyptian version.
  40. Manu – Born second
  41. Mosi – Born first
  42. Ptolemy
  43. Rashidi – Wise. Great if you have a boy and a girl and name the girl Rashida.
  44. Theoris – Great
  45. Zaid
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With names that just exude power like Pharoah, Ra and Anubis, what more could you want?

If it were up to us, we would definitely choose to name our precious one after a king or a god. Ozymandias, Ra, Pharoah and Rameses were among our favorites.

Now let’s zip on over to the other side of the coin and take a look at names for little girls.

Female Egyptian Dog Names

Queens of Egypt such as Nefertiti go down in history as great rulers. Did you know that eyeliner is said to have originated from Egypt?

It was used to protect their eyes from the desert sun, much like our sunglasses today.

These names would match dogs with black rings around their eyes.

  1. Isis – Osiris’s wife and Goddess of Magic.
  2. Sphinx
  3. Sahara
  4. Cleopatra
  5. Berenice
  6. Kiya
  7. Nefertari
  8. Nefertiti
  9. Amenti – Goddess of the West
  10. Tia – A princess
  11. Shani – Wonderful woman
  12. Phoenix
  13. Aziza – Precious
  14. Nubia – Golden treasure, which I’m sure your dog is to you.
  15. Ebony – Perfect for the dogs with natural eyeliner.
  16. Lapis – A precious stone
  17. Kamilah – Perfection
  18. Rana – Beautiful woman
  19. Sarah or Sara – It’s a common name we use today which actually means “princess.”
  20. Chione – Daughter of the Nile
  21. Kissa
  22. Nefertiri – Gorgeous and prettiest one
  23. Safiya – Pure
  24. Tiye – Queen of the Light
  25. Rashida
  26. Rania
  27. Nailah
  28. Nawa – Storm
  29. Tiahna – While it might have been for a man, we feel it sounds beautiful for a female.
  30. Shani – Wonderful
  31. Sanura – While you might not want to name your puppy after its “natural enemy” Sanura means kitten.
  32. Ramla – Prophetess
  33. Neema – Born to wealthy parents (one can hope).
  34. Layla
  35. Hasina
  36. Amunet – Goddess of Mystery and the villain in the newest reboot of The Mummy starring Tom Cruise.
  37. Jamila – Beauty
  38. Serapis
  39. Halima
  40. Kaphiri
  41. Kasiya
  42. Musa
  43. Nabirye
  44. Nashwa – A wonderful feeling, probably the one you get from owning a dog.
  45. Safiya
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And there you have it, that completes our list of Egyptian inspired dog names.

There are tons more, but we carefully sifted through and chose ones that are easier to roll off the tongue.

Some of the options we came across were real tongue twisters!

You know our favorite picks for male names, we love Safiya, Nailah and Tia were among our favorites, now it’s your turn to tell us which ones you love!

Which of these Egyptian dog names are your favorite? Leave a comment and tell us what you think about our list.

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