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Dog Owners Are Like Single Parents

I know at lot of single parents out there and I’m aware that in most cases, it’s pretty well mandatory that their kids will have to eventually approve of who their single moms or dads are dating or else the potential relationships will come to an end. I thought about this and realized that us dog owners are very much like single parents who are in the dating market.

I’m very much like a single dad to my Lhasa Apso dog Roxie (and her late brother Chester). If I date a woman and if my dog for whatever reason does not like her, any potential relationship I was hoping for with this lady will come to an end. This would be the same thing the other way around too, ie., if the woman does not like my dog.

I’ve come across single women out there in the dating world with pets (dogs and cats). I have to admit that no matter how wonderful the women seem to be, but if for whatever reason I don’t like their dogs or cats, I start to get a feeling that it’s no longer worth it continue or even start dating them. I feel that it’s just not going to work out especially if their dogs happen to be poorly trained and/or have bad behaviour.

So if you are a dog owner and if you realize that your dog is not quite up to minimum obedience standards, do know that your dog can be a barrier in your dating efforts. Now you might very well choose to do nothing about this and take on the stance that any potential date worthwhile must accept your dog as is but again you take the risk of having your dog turn off all potential mates. Or you can elect to start a real dog obedience training program to at least bring your dog up to minimum standards so that your dog will not become a liability in your dating.

A good way to measure if your dog is up to obedience standards is to check out our free basic dog obedience training video by signing up for access at the left side of this blog or at the bottom. After all, having a dog could be a great ice breaker or plus in the dating world but if your dog is not well behaved, things can backfire on you very quickly.

For us singles out there, our dogs are our four legged kids. On a practical level, we do need their approval when it comes to who we choose to date but we also need the approval of our potential dates as well. This is why us dog owners are very much like single parents.


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