110 Dog Names Inspired by Travel

So, you’re looking for the perfect dog names inspired by travel?

That makes sense!

After all, both traveling and our dogs bring us such bliss, so why not combine our two passions?

The extensive list below includes everything from general travel names to famous traveler names to ideas inspired by places.

Let’s check them out!

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Dog Names Inspired by Travel

Let’s start with some general travel-related dog names, shall we?

There aren’t many in this section because not a lot of travel terms translate to good dog names, but here are a few from which to choose!

  1. Aviator
  2. Cruiser
  3. Journey
  4. Ranger
  5. Rover
  6. Sailor
  7. Traveler
  8. Trekker
  9. Wanderer
  10. Wayland

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Dog Names Inspired by Famous Travelers

Ah, now we’re getting into the fun stuff! All of these names come from famous travelers throughout history!

I put the full name in parenthesis in case you want to look them up.

Famous Traveler Names for Boy Dogs

  1. Armstrong (Neil Armstrong)
  2. Asher (Michael Asher)
  3. Bartolomeu (Bartolomeu Dias)
  4. Battuta (Ibn Battuta )
  5. Cabot (John Cabot)
  6. Captain Cook (James Cook)
  7. Cartier (Jacques Cartier)
  8. Clark ( William Clark)
  9. Gunther (Gunther Holtorf)
  10. Hemingway (Ernest Hemingway)
  11. Herodotus
  12. Landau (Rom Landau)
  13. László (László Almásy)
  14. Lewis ( Meriwether Lewis )
  15. Magellan (Ferdinand Magellan)
  16. Marco (Marco Polo)
  17. Nanak (Guru Nanak)
  18. Niccolò (Niccolò Polo)
  19. Pyotr (Pyotr Beketov)
  20. Roald (Roald Amundsen)
  21. Sascha (Sascha Grabow)
  22. Tsang (Hsuan Tsang)
  23. Uko (Ikechi Uko)
  24. Vespucci (Amerigo Vespucci)
  25. Vitus (Vitus Bering)

Famous Traveler Names for Girl Dogs

  1. Adeline (Adeline Van Buren)
  2. Alma ( Alma Maximiliana Karlin)
  3. Aloha (Aloha Wanderwell)
  4. Amelia ( Amelia Earhart)
  5. Augusta (Augusta Van Buren)
  6. Belinda (Belinda Kirk)
  7. Cassandra (Cassandra DePecol)
  8. Chiaki (Chiaki Mukai)
  9. Clärenore (Clärenore Stinnes)
  10. Eva (Eva Dickson)
  11. Freya (Freya Stark)
  12. Gertrude (Gertrude Bell)
  13. Hester (Lady Hester Stanhope)
  14. Isabel ( Isabel Godin des Odonais)
  15. Jeanne ( Jeanne Baré )
  16. Kira (Kira Salak)
  17. Nellie ( Nellie Bly)
  18. Octavie (Octavie Coudreau)
  19. Osa (Osa Johnson)
  20. Polly ( Polly Letofsky)
  21. Renata (Renata Chlumska)
  22. Robyn (Robyn Davidson)
  23. Tania (Tania Aebi)
  24. Yelena ( Yelena V. Kondakova)
  25. Ynes (Ynes Mexia)

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Dog Names Inspired by Places

Now for my favorite part, dog names inspired by places!

Once again, I’ll divide it into boy and girl names but some can be considered unisex.

I’ll put the country or general geographic location in which it’s found in parenthesis, although some names exist in different countries (Alexandria is in Virginia and Greece, for example).

Place-inspired dog names for girls

  1. Alexandria (Greece)
  2. Annaba (Algeria)
  3. Arizona (US state)
  4. Asia
  5. Aurora (US, Colorado & Illinois)
  6. Bahama (Caribbean)
  7. Berlin (Germany)
  8. Brasilia (Brazil)
  9. Charlotte (US, North Carolina)
  10. Corona (US, California)
  11. Dakota (US, as in North and South Dakota)
  12. Farah (Afghanistan)
  13. Joliet (US, Illinois)
  14. Kenya (Africa)
  15. Lahore (Pakistan)
  16. London (England)
  17. Mérida (Mexico)
  18. Miami (US, Florida)
  19. Odessa (US, Texas)
  20. Paris (France)
  21. Regina (Canada, Saskatchewan)
  22. Rosario (Columbia)
  23. Tempe (US, Arizona)
  24. Vienna (Austria)
  25. Winnipeg (Canada, Manitoba)

Boy dog names inspired by places

  1. Austin (US, Texas)
  2. Cairo (Egypt)
  3. Dallas (US, Texas)
  4. Darwin (Australia)
  5. Dayton (US, Ohio)
  6. Denver (US, Colorado)
  7. Dublin (Ireland)
  8. Frisco (US, Texas)
  9. Gilbert (US, Arizona)
  10. Israel (Asia)
  11. Jackson (US, Florida)
  12. Jersey (US, as in New Jersey)
  13. Kent (US, Washington)
  14. Lincoln (US, Nebraska)
  15. Mazatlán (Mexico)
  16. Memphis (US, Tennessee)
  17. Moscow (Russia)
  18. Oslo (Norway)
  19. Phoenix (US, Arizona)
  20. Reno (US, Nevada)
  21. Santiago (Chile)
  22. Salem (US, Massachusetts and Oregon)
  23. Sydney (Australia)
  24. Tokyo (Japan)
  25. Warren (US, Michigan)

These 100+ dog names inspired by travel should help you find the perfect idea for your pooch!

Do you have any other favorite dog names inspired by travel? Share below!

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