Top 100 Cosmic Dog Names for Males & Females

If you’re looking for the best cosmic dog names for your out-of-this-world pooch, you’ll love my list!

One of my favorite topics, astronomy and astrology can lend knowledge about the unpredictable to certain people.

Whether or not you believe in a higher power, I think we can agree that a dog is a wonderful gift from the universe (or the heavens, depending on your philosophy).

As you might know, a lot of stars, galaxies, and planets have a connection with Gods.

To show your dogs your appreciation for their steadfast loyalty and love, why not give them a name fit for the stars?

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Cosmic Male Dog Names

If you're looking for the best cosmic dog names for your out-of-this-world pooch, you'll love our list! Check out the top 100 ideas for males & females!

When it comes to choosing cosmic dog names for male pups, you literally have an entire universe of options!

From mighty mythological gods to distant constellations to wonderful planet names closer to home in our own solar system, there’s definitely no shortage of ideas!

Check out some of my favorites!

  1. Astro -Greek for “dog,” and also the name of the Jetson’s pup!
  2. Atlas – The strong being that has the world propped up on his shoulders.
  3. Comet – Because sometimes your dog zips by at the speed of a comet.
  4. Cosmo – It means “universe” in Greek.
  5. Galaxy – It’s where we are and encompasses all we know, it’s our everything, just like our dog.
  6. Jupiter/Zeus – The God of all Gods, the largest planet in our solar system.
  7. Mars/Ares – The red planet and the God of War.
  8. Mercury/Hermes – The messenger.
  9. Neptune/Poseidon – A great one if your dog loves to swim!
  10. Pluto/Hades – Mickey’s dog and the God of the Underworld.
  11. Saturn/Cronus – God of Agriculture and the planet with the beautiful rings.
  12. Uranus/Caelus – God of the Sky
  13. Gemini – The twins
  14. Sirius
  15. Galileo – The famous physicist, engineer and astronomer.
  16. Spirit
  17. Big Bang
  18. Sputnik – A satellite
  19. Orion
  20. Enterprise – For the Trekkies out there.
  21. Star
  22. Crater
  23. Pegasus – The flying horse.
  24. Alpha
  25. Centauri
  26. Betelgeuse (Beetlejuice) – A constellation
  27. Leo
  28. Polaris
  29. Eclipse
  30. Orbit
  31. Quantum
  32. Solaris
  33. Flare
  34. Milky – After the Milky Way
  35. Asteroid
  36. Draco – Not after Draco Malfoy, the antagonist and rival of Harry Potter, but it’s more for galaxies.
  37. Rigel – A super star
  38. Taurus – The bull. For birthdays from late April to late May.
  39. Aries – The ram. For birthdays from late March to late April.
  40. Vulcan – Another one for the Trekkies, the home of the famed stoic race.
  41. Callisto
  42. Archer
  43. Aquarius – For birthdays from late January to late February.
  44. Capricorn – For birthdays from late December to late January.
  45. Apollo
  46. Zenith- the point in the sky that’s directly above you
  47. Nadir- the geographical opposite of the zenith.
  48. Hoag- after Hoag’s Object, one of the most unique galaxies.
  49. Centaurus – a galaxy far, far away!
  50. Circinus – another really neat galaxy!
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Whether your dog is the shining star in your life, or he just loves to follow in your footsteps and orbit around you much like a moon, you can find the perfect name for your fur baby boy above.

Naming your dog after a planet that has a God for a Greek counterpart is a stellar choice.

Now some of the names above can be unisex, but we have also compiled a list of names just for otherworldly female dogs.

Cosmic Female Dog Names

If you're looking for the best cosmic dog names for your out-of-this-world pooch, you'll love our list! Check out the top 100 ideas for males & females!
  1. Andromeda – The nearest major galaxy to the Milky Way
  2. Aurora
  3. Nova
  4. Luna – Meaning moon
  5. Venus/Aphrodite – The Goddess of Love and Earth’s sister planet.
  6. Europa
  7. Gaia – The Mother Earth Goddess
  8. Anthe
  9. Cassiopeia
  10. Ursa – For Ursa Major and Minor
  11. Star – For the shining star of your life.
  12. Ariel – A moon
  13. Divine
  14. Corona
  15. Nasa – The federal agency for space research.
  16. Supernova – If Nova just isn’t enough.
  17. Libra – The Scales. For a dog with a birthday in late September to late October.
  18. Virgo – For a dog with a birthday in late August to late September.
  19. Estrella
  20. Stella – Without the “r” to normalize the name more.
  21. Halley – Named after Halley’s Comet.
  22. Astra – Female form of Astro.
  23. Lyra
  24. Carina
  25. Terra
  26. Columbia
  27. Vega
  28. Bellatrix – Sure, it’s after a Death Eater in Harry Potter, but it’s also the name of a star.
  29. Capella
  30. Beta – Because you are the alpha
  31. Delta
  32. Gamma
  33. Astrid – Gorgeous Goddess
  34. Calypso
  35. Cordelia
  36. Sunflower- it’s the name of a galaxy.
  37. Carina
  38. Hydra – More of a villainous name if you are a fan of the Avengers, but it’s also the name of a constellation.
  39. Miranda – A major moon of Uranus, or the independent lawyer in Sex and the City.
  40. Ophelia – A little moon of Uranus.
  41. Titania – A large moon of Uranus. (Uranus has a lot of moons).
  42. Columba
  43. Elara – One of Jupiter’s moons.
  44. Lyra
  45. Pandora – Saturn’s moon.
  46. Portia – Another one of Uranus’s moons.
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There are a lot of extraterrestrial things to name your dog after.

A lot of the stars and galaxies have beautiful names that embody the majesty and grace of all above us.

Bellatrix is a great name to give your puppy if she is not only beautiful life a star, but also has a naughty streak.

If I could do it again, I would love to name my dog after cosmic forces.

I believe my best friend and beloved companion was sent to me from above.

My favorite is Andromeda or Aurora for a female and Star for a male (or female).

Which are your favorite female and male Cosmic dog names? Share your thoughts with us below!

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