7 Best Dog Breeds For Scared Children

Are you wondering about the best dog breeds for scared children?

Having a child afraid of dogs can be hard on any pet-loving parent.

But picking the right breed can make all the difference.

So, keep on reading to find out the seven best dogs for kids.

7 best dogs for scared children

Are you wondering about the best dog breeds for scared children? Read on for our top 7 picks!

Let’s make something clear. Adopting a dog won’t make your child’s fear magically disappear.

You have to work with your kid so that he/she can overcome this fear.

In some cases, when the child is terrified of dogs, getting one might be a mistake.

My advice is to experiment with a friend’s dog for a couple of days and see how it goes.

If you decide that you’re ready for this step, here are the friendliest dog breeds that love hanging out with children.

#1 Golden Retriever

Being one of the most popular dog breeds, it’s not a surprise that we start our list with the Golden Retriever.

Due to the sweet disposition, intelligence and patience, this dog is the perfect choice for a scared child.

Furthermore, this dog knows when you need emotional support and is ready to provide it.

That’s why the Golden Retriever is also an excellent companion for autistic children.

#2 Labrador Retriever

Another popular dog breed that makes the list of the best dogs for a scared child is the Labrador Retriever.

Labs are loyal, goofy, playful, and highly sensitive, which makes them great service dogs.

In addition to this, Labradors get on well with children because they don’t mind the usual commotion kids bring in the house.

They also have the energy to match a child’s endless desire for running around the house.

Besides, who can be really scared of an adorable Lab puppy?

#3 Collie

If you’ve ever watched Lassie, you know that Collies are fantastic family companions and that you can always count on them to help you when in need.

But are they really good with children? The answer is yes.

Collies love to take care of children, and they are highly protective even towards unfamiliar children.

These stunning dogs are also loyal, friendly, and would like nothing more than to play with your kids all day long.

While its size might be frightening for a scared child, these medium-sized dogs are rarely aggressive and very sensitive to the needs of their owners.

#4 Beagle

When it comes to the least scary dogs, the Beagle is probably at the top of the list with its adorable brown eyes.

This small dog gets on well with kids and bonds strongly with them.

Your child will never have a dull moment with a Beagle and will fall in love with its sweet temperament and playful nature.

However, you’ll have to keep an eye on them because Beagles are more naughty than children, and the two of them can get in many troubles.

#5 Bulldog

Some dog breeds have an ill-gotten reputation, and the Bulldog is one of them.

A well-socialized Bulldog is great with children and would never hurt one.

It’s a sweet and friendly dog, which can put up with a lot of “rough” play from small children.

In addition to this, the Bulldog is a lazy fellow who will participate in games as long as when he feels like it.

Then he will simply lie down to rest. And if your child is bothering him, the Bulldog will just leave the room.

# 6 Poodle

What makes Poodle great for scared children is that they are affectionate, playful, intelligent, and bond strongly with their family.

Not to mention that they shed minimally and can be an excellent choice for kids with allergies.

Besides, the Poodle looks so adorable and cute that you can rarely be intimidated by it.

And the breed is available in a toy, miniature, and standard variety. So, you can choose which one suits your living conditions best.

However, keep in mind that Toy Poodles are very delicate and young children shouldn’t handle them without adult supervision.

#7 Icelandic Sheepdog

The usual reaction when a person sees an Icelandic Sheepdog is, “Oh! What a cutie!”

It’s so adorable that not many people can withstand its charm or say no when they have a chance to pet that thick fur.

In addition to this, the Icelandic Sheepdog loves to be part of the family and spend time with children.

It might bark, but it rarely bares teeth even to strangers.

Furthermore, this pooch is curious and outgoing and gets on well with other animals as well.

How to help a child to overcome his fear of dogs?

Fear is difficult to dismiss even when logically, you know there is nothing to be afraid of.

Even grown-ups have troubles managing their fears, and kids are far more sensitive than adults.

So, don’t leave your kid to fight alone and help him/her overcome his fear of dogs. Here’re some tips on how to achieve this goal:

  • Be a positive model for your child. Often children become afraid of dogs because someone around them set the wrong example or reinforces their negative connotations.
  • Go and visit a pet store/a friend so that your child can observe puppies/dogs without interacting with them.
  • Watch YouTube videos of dogs and talk about what makes the kid afraid.
  • Role play with stuffed dogs the situations your child is anxious about.
  • Be supportive, understanding, and don’t judge or belittle your child’s fears.
  • Teach your kid how to act properly around dogs and that she/he must always ask for permission before approaching/petting an unfamiliar dog.
  • Speak with a professional.

It’s common for children to be scared around dogs, especially if they’ve had a traumatic experience.

As long as you’re patient and take baby steps, you can change how your kid feels about dogs and show him/her how much joy and happiness a dog brings.

What do you think about these seven best dog breeds for scared children? Were you afraid of dogs as a child? Share below!

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