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Our small dogs group at Heart Lake

Small Dogs Group Loves Fall Season

Our small dogs Meetup group which has dog members from Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Toronto, Milton, Georgetown and other surrounding areas has been very active lately. We try to run dog walks all year round including winter season when the temperatures are not too cold since I want Roxie to stay in contact with her dog friends as much as possible now that she’s the only dog at home since losing her brother Chester a year ago. Each season has unique elements but our small dogs group likes the autumn fall season the most.

The temperatures during the fall season are not as hot as in the summer months so we can stay out longer. And it’s not cold enough that the dogs are uncomfortable. There are lots of leaves on the ground now which the dogs love walking on and lots of scenic nature for them and us humans to enjoy.

Midweek walks usually on Wednesday nights has been a bit challenging though due to how early the sun sets now as it gets dark shortly after 7 pm which is usually the earliest start time our small dogs group can get together on weeknights. We’ve been carrying flashlights so that we can navigate the trails in the dark but this has not affected our dogs that much from an enjoyment point of view. They seem to be just as content out there in the dark.

Weekend days are just magical out there as long as there is no rain. We’ve been lucky so far that we’ve missed the rain during our weekend outings but we monitor the weather forecasts and will switch days to get the dry day on a weekend if possible so we don’t miss any weekends together with our small dogs group.

We want to try and get as much out of the autumn season as possible before it gets too cold to do these long two hour hikes out there. So every weekend counts. I shot videos of our most two recent fall season outings and posted them here showing our time at Forks of the Credit and Heart Lake.

Small dogs group at Forks of the Credit

Both locations were not busy with crowds at all and were very scenic with the fall season colours. And the trails were not very muddy at all unlike the conditions during spring season when things are melting from the winter snow. For us humans, another advantage of the fall season is no pesty bugs out there, not even during the midweek evenings.

One thing for sure is that our small dogs will probably spend the afternoon after our morning hikes napping. My Roxie has been getting interesting dog walking dreams which I’m sure she enjoys as good dreams as a result of all these fall season dog outings. This all makes me feel good that I’m doing everything I can for her to keep her life as happy and healthy as possible even after losing her brother.

Our small dogs group at Heart Lake

Join A Local Small Dogs Group

If you have a small dog, one of the best things you can do for your pet is to find and join a local small dogs group to do similar outings that my group does. At first especially if your dog is shy, he/she might be a bit uncomfortable around other dogs but usually after 30 minutes of walking with the others, your dog will soon realize that they are not treats. Then with multiple outings over time seeing the same small dogs out there, your dog will make some good friendships with some of the others in the group.

For small dogs owners in the same general geographic areas that my group members live (see first paragraph), you might want to check out my Life With Dogs & Puppies Facebook page as I listed a few of our fall season outings. If you small dogs is 25 pound or less, feel free to join us for one of our fall season outings. If you cannot find such a small dogs group, you can even form your own as I did.


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