4 Letter Dog Names

If you’re looking for 4 letter dog names (and precisely 4 letters only), we’ve got you covered!

We’ve talked about two and three letter dog names with single syllables, but sometimes you want a little more oomph.

The male and female ideas below will help you come up with something that’s still short and sweet, but not quite so monosyllabic.

Take a look at our favorites below!

4 Letter Dog Names

Choosing a name is always hard, and when it comes to our fur babies it has to be perfect.

We want something short so that puppies learn to recognize their names, but also meaningful to us.

These 4 letter dog names will really give you the inspiration you needed to choose the perfect name for your pup.

We’ll start with the basic list for each gender, then read on for the meanings behind our top 30 favorites.

4 Letter Dog Names for Males

Choosing a dog name is always hard and it has to be perfect. These 4 letter dog names for males will really give you the inspiration you need.
  1. Abel
  2. Adam
  3. Ajax
  4. Aldo
  5. Alex
  6. Amos
  7. Andy
  8. Axel
  9. Bart
  10. Bear
  11. Beau
  12. Bits
  13. Blue
  14. Bobo
  15. Boss
  16. Buck
  17. Chad
  18. Chaz
  19. Chip
  20. Cody
  21. Cole
  22. Cubs
  23. Cujo
  24. Dash
  25. Dave
  26. Dino
  27. Dure
  28. Echo
  29. Eddy
  30. Elmo
  31. Fido
  32. Hans
  33. Hugh
  34. Hugo
  35. Jake
  36. Jazz
  37. King
  38. Levi
  39. Loki
  40. Luke
  41. Mack
  42. Milo
  43. Ming
  44. Mojo
  45. Nemo
  46. Nero
  47. Niko
  48. Pooh
  49. Sage
  50. Spot

Different names, with different meanings, perfect for all your pups.

‘Nero’ for example, is the Finish word for ‘genius’ and would be the appropriate name for any Terrier!

Then, of course, ‘Bear’ doesn’t need an explanation, but wouldn’t it be the best choice for a  very loving Saint Bernard?

4 Letter Dog Names for Females

Choosing a dog name is always hard and it has to be perfect. These 4 letter dog names  for females will really give you the inspiration you need.
  1. Abby
  2. Ally
  3. Amie
  4. Babe
  5. Baby
  6. Bebe
  7. Brie
  8. Brit
  9. Cali
  10. Chic
  11. Cleo
  12. Coco
  13. Diva
  14. Dots
  15. Erin
  16. Fifi
  17. Foxi
  18. Gigi
  19. Girl
  20. Hope
  21. Indy
  22. Iris
  23. Itsy
  24. Izzy
  25. Jade
  26. Jess
  27. Jojo
  28. Judy
  29. Kali
  30. Katz
  31. Kira
  32. Lady
  33. Lexi
  34. Lili
  35. Lola
  36. Lucy
  37. Lulu
  38. Luna
  39. Macy
  40. Mary
  41. Maya
  42. Miko
  43. Mini
  44. Mona
  45. Nala
  46. Nana
  47. Rosy
  48. Ruby
  49. Star
  50. Tara

Remember ‘Nana’, the Newfoundland protector from Peter Pan? Tell me that’s not one of the best names.

Describes best her protective and caring personality.

And think about “Diva”, which doesn’t need an explanation, but I think it would be the best name for a Yorkshire Terrier.

Top 30 4 Letter Dog Names with Meanings

  1. Abby – Hebrew name for ‘father’s joy’ and it would be the best choice for any bachelor.
  2. Adam – Biblical name, the first man on Earth, it means ‘unique’.
  3. Alex – Short form of ‘Alexander’ or ‘the defender of men’.
  4. Andy – Coming from the Greek name ‘Andreas’ means ‘brave’.
  5. Babe – Not only associated with the loving nickname, but it comes from Greek and it means ‘foreign’.
  6. Bear – Besides the very imposing animal, ‘Bear’ also means ‘strong’.
  7. Beau – The French word for ‘beautiful’ and a very understandable choice.
  8. Brie – Derived from the Celtic ‘Brighid’ it means ‘the exalted one’.
  9. Chic – This is one of the very elegant dog names, for any fancy pup out there.
  10. Cleo – Short for ‘Cleopatra’ and it’s translated to ‘pride’ or ‘glory’.
  11. Cubs – An incredibly cute name for any dog who’s like a ‘playful lion’.
  12. Dash – As expected, Dash stands for ‘energetic’, probably made for a Beagle constantly running around his tail.
  13. Dino – When I say ‘Dino’ I think of a Golden Retriever with a cute dinosaur costume on, but in Italian, it means ‘little sword’.
  14. Dots – The English name for “gift of God’ but a Dalmatian could totally rock this name.
  15. Elmo – May be associated with Sesame Street, but in German, it means ‘protection’.
  16. Hope – The name Hope comes from the Old English word ‘hopian’ and as expected, it means ‘full of hope’.
  17. Hugo – For all the content pups, the name ‘Hugo’ means ‘spirit’.
  18. Iris – Whether we’re talking about the flower or the Greek for ‘rainbow’ we can agree that it brings happiness in our lives.
  19. Jade – Pretty straight forward, we’re talking about something precious.
  20. Jazz – Its roots aren’t very well known, but we do know it’s a very unique name, growing more popular.
  21. Judy – The Hebrew word for ‘praised’.
  22. Kali – With Sanskrit origins, it means ‘the black one’.
  23. King – No explanation needed, a king is a king everywhere.
  24. Kira – It comes from the Greek word ‘kyrios’, meaning ‘ruler’.
  25. Levi – Meaning ‘joined’ it’s the perfect name if you’re planning on taking him everywhere you go.
  26. Loki – We all know Loki, The Avengers’ God. Well, it’s a real god in Norse Mythology, associated with magic.
  27. Luna – It means ‘Moon’ in Italian and Romanian.
  28. Nana – Is ‘the one who looks after the children’ and very popular with Peter Pan fans.
  29. Nero – It means ‘genius’ and it’s a Finish name.
  30. Star – No explanation needed here, it’s for the little stars in our lives.

The process of choosing a name is hard and there is a very fun way of choosing a name your dog will actually answer to.

Just make a list with these 4 letter dog names and say them out loud. Your dog will recognize the perfect one.

What are your favorite 4 letter dog names? Share below!

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